16-06-14 WPC – Pure (time goes by like hurricanes)

Well, hear us now, we ain’t wastin’ time no more
‘Cause time goes by like hurricanes
Runnin’ after subway trains
Don’t forget the pouring rain.

Gregg Allman


After the horrific, homophobic, rampage in Orlando by yet another young man with a really big, legally bought!!!!!, gun, which was designed for only one purpose and one purpose only, to kill people, I keep finding myself drawn back to this image. And to the actual item which lives on a window in our apartment.

The challenge this week is pure



6-30-11 Half Way Home

When I was in my Junior year of college the head of the Theater Department had a sign above his desk that read: “It’s not the vision I had”  Usually I find that just about sums up every situation…

I have seen this woman three out of the last four days at the river in the morning (the 4th day i was late so I bet she was there).  I do not know if she is doing a form of moving meditation or a really hard core exercise but her control is extraordinary. She is moving extremely slowly with very small steps. It takes her 5 minutes to go 50 feet. And nothing, not even the idiot with the camera distracts her…

You Can Get It If You Really Want

What I got today, that I did not really want..27 spam comments in 12 hours. Go Team!