6-19-12 Forever Wild

Having been hijacked by squirrels yesterday, I took a different route and made it to Forever Wild today. This being New York City, trail messages had been improved… I think it’s a song title

The area is primarily a bird sanctuary but being mid-afternoon most were asleep or out and about.

It is truly quiet and peaceful in here…

This across the trail tree fall does not look natural to me. The only question is: Did the Park Rangers or the homeless folk do it?

I didn’t feel like scrambling today, that can wait for another time so I headed back down the trail. 50 yards after leaving Forever Wild I was back in NYC. Around every corner there is something to see and shoot.


6/19/11 Start of Father’s Day Hudson Boat Ride


6-18-12 Colder Weather

I started out headed for the  Forever Wild area in Riverside Park but I got distracted along the way. When I returned home and looked at my pictures I realized that I had shot a tribute to Reb over at COLDERWEATHER. She loves to photograph all the “furry friends” and birds that she sees and is very good at it. You should go check her out.

But before you do, please head over to The Miracle Garden blog. They were kind enough to feature a few of my pictures today and I would love to drive a few eyeballs and comments their way!

Herewith a tribute to Reb and COLDERWEATHER.

Not happy with the mess…

“Boris. Is Squirrel… Where is Moose?



11-30-11 Sometimes You Just Have To Say, Really? (Danger: Politics Ahead)

 The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.
Thomas Jefferson, letter to Edward Carrington, May 27, 1788

Distant Liberty

Today the US Senate, in a burst of anti-Americanism, approved the use of the US military to operate on US soil as a police force and detain American citizens indefinitely and without trial: Somewhere King George III is smiling

While at the same time showed their support for all in our armed forces by refusing to allow military insurance to pay for abortions for servicewomen who were raped.  Let’s all Support The Troops?

Before heading to the river I went to a hearing held by the DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) concerning whether Fracking  – Fracking 2 commences in New York.  I just don’t see the point of potentially destroying our drinking water for some very dirty carbon based fuel.  Let alone the stress and strain on local roads and communities via the construction and massive truck usage needed for the process.  It would also be nice to leave intact the wilderness (Forever Wild) that the citizens of New York gave us over 100 years ago. I would like it to be there for Abigail and those who come after her.