17-02-22 This Can Not Stand #Resist


I am a parent. I have a wonderful child, a young adult, still in college, who is committed to helping his fellow citizens, friends, strangers. His goal in life is to help individuals who need help. He is Trans. If you are truly my friend, you will write, call, visit everyone in any position of power, every public servant ( i.e our employees) to get this changed. If you approve of this move by the person who sits in the Oval Office, please defriend/delink/de whatever me. Please leave. If you can not accept my child as the person he is, I do not want you here.
Thank you to all who I know are as outraged as I am.
#resist #fightback


Dump Trump and Company


3-26-13 Equal Rights Means Equal Rights

Did you know that the Constitution of The United States does not mention marriage at all?

Nor does it mention god.



@Copyright - Gay Marriage USA

@Copyright – Gay Marriage USA

11-30-11 Sometimes You Just Have To Say, Really? (Danger: Politics Ahead)

 The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.
Thomas Jefferson, letter to Edward Carrington, May 27, 1788

Distant Liberty

Today the US Senate, in a burst of anti-Americanism, approved the use of the US military to operate on US soil as a police force and detain American citizens indefinitely and without trial: Somewhere King George III is smiling

While at the same time showed their support for all in our armed forces by refusing to allow military insurance to pay for abortions for servicewomen who were raped.  Let’s all Support The Troops?

Before heading to the river I went to a hearing held by the DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) concerning whether Fracking  – Fracking 2 commences in New York.  I just don’t see the point of potentially destroying our drinking water for some very dirty carbon based fuel.  Let alone the stress and strain on local roads and communities via the construction and massive truck usage needed for the process.  It would also be nice to leave intact the wilderness (Forever Wild) that the citizens of New York gave us over 100 years ago. I would like it to be there for Abigail and those who come after her.