6-10-14 The Unexpected Expected

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6-5-14 Senior Dinner, Model, Mayhem

If my posts have seemed scattered this week it is just because I am scattered. I have booked more work this week then I have in a long time (good). It is the week before Abigail’s graduation so the events have been flying thick and fast (good). The combination of the two? Not so good for blogging or indeed any form of communication. First picture is yesterday, taken with my Nikon. The others are tonight, taken with my iPhone.






Oh yeah, it is getting weird around here.


5-22-14 This Is The End Of The Beginning

I wanted a perfect ending. Now I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next. Delicious Ambiguity.

Gilda Radner

Today was my last PA meeting, I assume, ever. Since Abigail entered pre-school there has not been a year when I was not on the PA or PTA or Board but graduation is only 18 days away and last I checked colleges don’t have PAs.

To balance that, Galerie Protégé, 197 Ninth Avenue (at W. 22nd Street), opened the show “Monsters: Curated by Students of The Friends Seminary”. The work shown is by both professional artists and students . It is only up until May 31 but I am lucky enough to have two photographs in the show and the SohoPhoto Gallery Show, “Juried Work: B&H Workshop” continues also through the 31st, so out of nowhere I am in two group shows simultaneously. If you are in the city…check them out!


2-1-13 Duet: East 15th Street And Different Ways Of Seeing

I was on East 15th Street yesterday and was intrigued by two very different buildings dedicated to religion. The first is St Mary‘s Byzantine Catholic Church with their International Style II architecture (The Church’s word not mine) interestingly expressed through their steeple…


The other is the Society of Friends (Quaker) Meeting House built in 1860. It is attached to Friends Seminary, the oldest continuous coeducational school in the City.



Second verse, very different from the first…

Today is the 2nd Anniversary of The Quotidian Hudson…I thought it only appropriate…

11-10-12 – PT 2 – Staten Island – Post Sandy/Athena

A few more pictures from yesterday that didn’t quite make the cut but I feel are worth sharing anyway.

People really do their best not to surrender, don’t they?

Thanks for paying attention and doing anything you can to help.

11-10-12 Midland Beach, New Dorp Beach, Staten Island – Post Sandy/ Post Athena

9:00 AM gathering of volunteers

130 members of the Friends Seminary community (with help from many other members who cooked amazing amounts of food and provided a massive quantity of supplies) went to Staten Island today to help in the disaster relief efforts in Midland Beach and New Dorp Beach.

The “Chuck Wagon” or supply bus

We chose this particular community because Friends is partnering with PS 52 – an Elementary School which is displaced from their building and lost their library – and these areas are their community.

We were working with two organizations that have been on the ground since early on in the relief effort. A local catering company, Ariana’s Catering, has turned a small party hall into a collection center, food distribution center and all around comfort zone.

We the People, Feed The People

A motorcycle club,  The Hallowed Sons, came in the first day and have never left. They are a collection center, they make food on site and feed both residents and volunteers, and they coordinate volunteers to help residents remove debris and their destroyed possessions from their homes.

I saw some FEMA and some National Guard presence but no Red Cross in the area I was in. My belief is that without Ariana’s and The Hallowed Sons and other local groups, this disaster zone would be in a state of total collapse.

Approximately 1250 feet from the shoreline

Doing homework where you can

I saw too many people break down in tears today and be much too grateful for the little help we could provide.

I heard people whose homes were destroyed  say: “we could use the help but my neighbor needs it more than I do.”

I saw way too much black mold, too many destroyed homes, too many lives placed on the street, waiting for sanitation to come and cart away the container that held a child’s first tooth, the album that had the only pictures of long gone parents, the sofa bought with that first promotion.

I do have to give a shout out to the police, the fire department and especially the New York City Sanitation Department. Everyone I spoke to talked about how sanitation was always there, working through horrendous strain and removing everything on the street from moldy boxes to destroyed ranges, to beds and music cabinets.

To put this in perspective, this is one small community in New York City. There are many, way too many, more in Brooklyn, Queens, and in parts of Manhattan, and that is before I even mention Long Island or the Jersey Shore, Hoboken,  and on and on.  This clean up and repair is not going to be a matter of weeks or even months, but of years.  My home needs all the help it can get.

Occupy Sandy Relief NYC

I read something from a New Orleans blogger today and strongly recommend reading it. It is worth your while.

New Orleans Slate

11-7-12 Friends Does Its Bit

Yesterday I participated in The Friends Seminary Meal-A-Thon. The community (students, faculty, staff, administration and families) gathered in the cafeteria to make bag lunches (sandwiches, fruit, desert, drink) for people who are currently homeless on Staten Island due to Sandy.  The energy was intense and great.  Two hours of the afternoon had been set aside but so many people showed up that we filled every bag within about 45 minutes. The scene in these pictures may look a bit chaotic but it wasn’t. It was just filled to the rim with enthusiasm. The community also collected several hundred blankets to donate to a shelter in Chelsea that has light but no heat.

Saturday a number of the parents and High School and Middle School students will be going to Staten Island to set up pop up food stations and help residents clean the debris from their homes and streets.

Then I walked outside to go to my Photoshop class:

5:30PM – 43rd Street and 6th Avenue

Midnight – my street

2-25-11 Soaked To The Bone On Friends Seminary Day in NYC (Bonus Photos!)

Did you know that February 25th, 2011 was declared Friends Seminary Day by Mayor Bloomberg in honor of the School’s 225th anniversary?  Well it was. Friends Seminary

Friday was wet. I was out on the river at the Boat Basin when the weather cleared a bit and the rain stopped.

and this amazing fog/cloud rolled in.

I thought I would walk up the river and shoot and if it did start to rain, I had my raincoat, an umbrella and waterproof shoes.  At about 90th street the sky started getting really dark but, hey, I was only 12 blocks away from the 101st Street underpass and …I had my raincoat, an umbrella and waterproof shoes.  At around 95th Street the wind started to blow hard (I found out later between 40 and 50mph) and I saw this…

and in about 30 seconds it started to rain…sideways …from the river. It turned out that my raincoat didn’t cover all of my legs and my boots while waterproof for puddles, snow, and regular rain had met their match. Luckily, it was blowing from only one direction and as long as I faced the umbrella straight into the wind it was able to protect the camera.  When I finally got under the bridge I was totally soaked. It is now 24 hours later and my boots and raincoat are still wet through.  But, my camera gear is all snug and dry so all is well.