17-03-15 WPC Atop The Border of the United Mexican States and the USA

The photo challenge this week is WPC-Atop.

This shot is from a plane as we crossed the border back into the USA (formerly the home of the brave, now apparently the home of the terrified). For those who believe in the efficacy of walls, this might be a bit distressing.

For the rest of us, I hope you find it liberating.



15-07-19 _ The 12th Annual Great Newburgh to Beacon Hudson River Swim

Today was The 12th Annual Great Newburgh to Beacon Hudson River Swim to benefit River Pool at Beacon. Katherine swam it for the sixth time. Our friends Kathy and John think it was their 7th time, Our friend Karen has done all 12 and our friends, the sisters Starcevic, swam it for the first time…

I hope this slide show works…

8-28-14 Leaving One Reality For Another (Off To College Edition)

So it is a big day here. To celebrate the ch-ch-ch-Changes, I beg your indulgence for this long slide show but how often do you send your only child off to college? Herewith a small piece of one 17-year-old life, starring Abigail Wyatt Alford Johnson with Eva Moskowitz, Caroline Kravitz, Edy Getz, Lilah Weiss, Ari Lapidus, Gracie Remington, Brigitte Seely-Messick, Jennie Nadel, Kailee Breaux and thousands of others.

Thanks for stopping by. Keep on running.


3-18-13 Hogwarts?

We are beginning the college tour adventures.

I thought Hogwarts was a highschool.


Actually this is the entrance to a coffee shop at Brandeis. Local lore has it that it was the inspiration for the Coffee Shop on Friends. The connection is not nearly as secure as Tom’s to Seinfeld but still a fun rumor.

2-23-13 It’s Not Right

I went to Brooklyn yesterday to visit some friends. They have three kids, a son and two daughters, and I have some really fun images of the girls “getting married”. I was planning on using them for the blog today.

I posted a few of the pictures on FB and then I made a mistake.  I started thinking. On FB I had set the privacy level to friends of friends but I can’t control who can see Quotidian Hudson and I don’t want to control who can see it.

Sadly there are some really bad pieces of work out there who troll the internet.  For what? Pictures of young children.

Here is a picture of Borough Hall in Brooklyn and a shot taken from Columbus Park.

Borough Hall-2

Borough Hall-3

12-24-12 Tradition

We have a long-standing tradition in our family of the Christmas Eve Party.  Every now and again we have been unable to have one for one reason or another but it is important to the three of us and come hell, last year, or hell and high water, this year, we do our best to throw a party and have a family (in the modern sense of the term)  celebration. We have people who have been coming to Christmas Eve parties since we first moved to NYC from CA. all those years ago.  I always have my camera. It is a snap shot sort of night but here a few pics to give you a sense of our world.

Pre-show: Cookie making

Pre-show: Cookie making

Abigail and Eva Best friends since they were 9 months old

Abigail and Eva Best friends since they were 9 months old

Early arrivals

Early arrivals

Christmas Eve-13

Future Lawyer

Future Lawyer

Christmas Eve-9

Dessert is here!

Dessert is here!

Dinner time

Dinner time

Christmas Eve-110

Christmas Eve-108

Christmas Eve-114

Stick 'em up

Stick ’em up

Time to start the party...

Time to start the party…

One of my favorite holiday songs: Dar Williams “The Christians and The Pagans”



8-17-12 Last Day On The Cape (Sad Face)

Today was my last day in Wellfleet. I needed to get home for an appointment and Abigail was just ready to be back in NYC. Luckily Katherine has another day and may finally get to play.
Before leaving I took a last kayak with our friend Anne.


7-13-12 Saying Good-bye

“Never say good-bye because good-bye means going away, and going away means forgetting.” –

Peter Pan

J.M. Barrie

A day of goodbyes.  So we wouldn’t have to get up at 4am to get to Putney by 9am we drove to Northampton and stayed with our friend Lindsay (Katherine’s high school roommate) last night. She is getting ready to sell her house and is not sure she wants to or is ready to say goodbye to it but she and her partner need more space. This allowed us 2.5 more hours of sleep, most of which we burned talking deep into the night but so it goes.

At 7:30 we headed off to Putney and Abigail.  Stopped at The Putney Diner – a great little place for good food and local chatter – for a muffin and some coffee and arrived promptly at 9am. Spent the next four hours looking at people’s art (very good work if I do say so), visiting the barn, packing Abigail up, listening to spoken word poetry,  and singing, but mainly watching teenagers alternately laughing while exchanging numbers and emails, and melting down, crying and hugging. Abigail’s friend, Anya explained post-Putney depression to everyone (It was her second year). We hear it lasts one to two weeks and you really can’t get into anything for a while. You see your old friends and try to pretend you are happy but you just want to be at Putney with your session 1 buddies.

Abigail and Holly

Safae, Mario and Abigail

Safae and Zoe (should have an umlaut over the e)


Final Sing – 1

Final Sing – 2

“Friends are god’s way of apologizing to us for our families.”

Tennessee Williams



Old Friends