6-30-14 Pride Parade NYC – A Taste Of Honey

Yesterday was a great day in NYC. The annual Pride parade which brings out people from every borough and walk of life to participate and view.  If you couldn’t make it here is a slide show of a small piece of the parade.

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6-30-13 Pride March NYC

Really good day today. Today was The New York City Pride March. Because of the recent court decisions people were in a really good mood. Katherine volunteered our car to be the “float” for the Quakers contingent in the march. We arrived at the gathering site at 10;30 and finished the march at 5:30. While it sprinkled for a while the weather held and the crowd was great.I took about 500 pictures in the course of the day and am way too tired to download and work on them. Here are three pictures from my iPhone. I hope to have a full report tomorrow.

photo (7)

photo (6)

If I heard correctly- the cat's name is Nathaniel

If I heard correctly- the cat’s name is Nathaniel

6-23-12 The Much More Complete Mermaid Day Parade (PG-13 parental guidance suggested)

Long Live the Queen

I always enjoyed the Coney Island Mermaid Parade but hadn’t been in several years. Since we were missing the Gay Pride Parade on Sunday to take Abigail to camp I figured I would go out to Coney on Saturday and check it out. It is much bigger and lots more spectators but still the same parade.

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