15-09-26 Beware Of Darkness

Just because I feel like this is the thing to post today. No photography, none of my thoughts…just music.

10-17-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction


RSJohnson_Hudson_ 110102-73


Other refractions:











1-2-14 Young Blood

Something in the way she moves
Attracts me like no other lover
Something in the way she woos me
I don’t want to leave her now
You know I believe and how

George Harrison

There was more to see yesterday than the first beautiful sunset of 2014.

Love was in the air. One couple asked me to take their picture kissing in front of the sunset. They kissed long enough for me to take 12 shots. After I handed them their camera and before I could ask if I could take their picture…

Young Blood0279

I stayed on the pier and a few minutes later…

Young Blood0300

About 20 minutes later all the excitement was over and the sun was down.

Young Blood0323

8-25-11 October 5th Can’t Come Soon Enough (We Must Surely Be Learning)

Martin Scorsese – documentary about George Harrison – October 5/6 on HBO – DVD release 10/10/11. I am so there! (yeah I am a Boomer and a fanboy – got a problem with that?)

Today…nothing got done. Life kept happening instead. Ended the afternoon with Abigail and me driving Katherine to Newark Airport for her flight to Iowa where she will visit one or more pig farms.

Got back in time to see some Adidas run or other. Don’t know why they were running or what the reason for but everyone was working hard and doing their best.

Did I mention that the Weather Channel is in its glory? Nothing like a hurricane that may hit unusual places to get the juices flowing.  The possibility that a Category 1 Hurricane will hit New York City or Long island and could easily hit Boston and Cape Cod is growing. Of course the forecast will change 12 times between now and Sunday…First it looks like it will hit the Outer Banks of NC which is not as sexy because, well, that happens a bunch. (Tell the people who live on the Outer Banks that this isn’t as important…)

Then we have some idiot in New York saying that the earthquake (and I bet he will add the hurricane)  is because god is pissed about NY legalizing Gay Marriage.  Well, I don’t know where god would find the time…after all he has to make sure that the right fella wins the CMA or BET best male vocalist award and then the amount of energy she has to expend making sure that the wide receiver scores a TD in a pre-season football game…

In the immortal words of Julian Bond…” If you don’t like gay marriage, don’t get gay married”

Lovely sunset today…

While My Guitar Gently Weeps