12-17-12 I’ve Fallen But I Can Get Up

The skating rink is up in Bryant Park. It isn’t nearly as famous as the one at Rockefeller Center but the rink appears bigger and it never looks as crowded so the skaters seem to have more fun. It does not have the feel of a gladiator pit that Rock Center can have. The spectators and skaters are on the same level so it feels less a performance and more just skating.

They make the Park up very nicely for the holidays.

Bryant Park-1

When you are shooting strangers skating in a circle there is a certain amount of luck involved with getting the shots you want.

Bryant Park-2

For instance, in this next picture the shutter came open maybe a tenth of a second later than would have been optimal.

Bryant Park-3

As a result the skater is just down and is partially blocked.  Here is a blow up of the action.

Bryant Park-4

This being New York City, you can always depend on the kindness of strangers…

Bryant Park-10Bryant Park-11Bryant Park-12

and she is off into the circle again.