17-01-04 The Ghost Of Riverside Park


10-15-11 “I love this town!”*

Today was a real NYC day.

Started off as a volunteer photographer for New York Cares Day, a day that benefits the public schools.  New York Cares is the largest volunteer organization in NYC, they run programs for over 1200 groups ranging from schools, to non-profits to city agencies. I spent about three hours shooting at PS 75M…

and then moved on to the river.  I spent several hours on the bike path in a very brisk wind just walking and talking with people and watching the river change.

Came home for a few hours and hung with Gracie (up from Philly) and Katherine and Abigail. Then my friend David and I headed off downtown for the Richard Thompson concert at Town Hall.  As we hit Times Square we walked straight into an Occupy Wall Street demonstration.

Taken with iPhone

Warning Political Diversion ahead…

It hard for me to estimate how many people were participating, given a Saturday night in Times Square with the thousands of tourists, but it was at least 750-1000.  The demonstrators worked very hard at communication with those folks who were passing through.  Despite what certain politicians (Herman Cain: “Don’t blame Wall Street,” Cain said. “Don’t blame the big banks. If you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself.” – to me this sounds the same as telling a robbery victim, hell don’t blame the gang of thieves, blame yourself) – and members of the media would have you believe the OWS folks were all ages, clean, rambunctious, but respectful.  They make some excellent points about the massive economic inequality – oh hell call it what it is class warfare from above – in our country.  To my ears, these folks have a lot more in common with the original Boston Tea Party folks then that group which calls itself the Tea Party.  The difference? Not “No Taxation” but “NO Taxation WITHOUT Representation.

I don’t know who Eric Cantor and his gang represent – well I do – it is those people (as defined by the Supreme Court) known as Multi-national Corporations – but it isn’t anyone I know in any part of the country.

In Less Than A Minute Alan Grayson Explains Occupy Wall Street To The 1 Percent

End of rant…

Richard Thompson is a stunning guitar player, raconteur and performer. With just his guitar and voice he made more sound than many bands and it was cleaner and much crisper. He manages to play both the lead and the harmonics all by himself.  If you enjoy folk rock, a certain type of Celtic blues,  and rock, and want to see a true virtuoso on guitar,  do go see him if you have the chance.

Lousy picture taken with iPhone

*Winston Zeddemore” – Ghostbusters