15-04-25 Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion #2

We embody the spirit of motion.
We’re bodies in motion. We’re bodies in motion.

We dig down in the ocean. Swing up to the stars.
We own the moon and the earth. We’re masters of Mars.
We’re bodies in motion. We embody the spirit of motion.

Our ancestors cowered in caves
Afraid of the dark and the thunder.
Wrapped tip in black magic and rage
They were slaves to their hunger.
Now we fly across mountains in planes
We know aII about time and big numbers.
We’re bodies in motion.
We embody the spirit of motion.

Laurie Anderson

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15-01-04 Visiting Old Friends

It was a warm, foggy, windy day in the city today. Perfect for a walk in my favorite neighborhood.


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I wasn’t alone in my thinking


9-15-14 Weekly Travel Theme: Noise

Ailsa wanted to make a little NOISE! this week. I am on a journey through the past. This is one place we meet. The photograph is from 9-15-11.

This shot looks like a nice, quiet, pastoral NYC scene. If you have ever been at a Middle School girls soccer match- especially the warm up…you know it wasn’t.


Here are some more views starting off with The Queens Of Noise!












“Weather forecast for tonight: dark.”

George Carlin

A few lazy snowflakes are coming down outside. “They” think we will only get 1-3 inches but Cape Cod and Down East Maine are supposed to get hit hard.

But for those folks who are feeling as if winter will never end, a little slice of July 2013.


1-24-13 Weekly Photo Challenge Beyond #3 (Going Beyond)

Why going Beyond? (check out other entries at the link). Three times in one week is a bit much, no?

However, these are two of my favorite pictures. I think they contrast nicely and both remind me of wonderful times and isn’t that one of the primary reasons people shoot?

England - after Stonehenge

England – after Stonehenge



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8-5-12 First

The water was really rough today, to the point where the boat rental place told us we would not want to go out into the bay but would want to cut to the cove. Before we even left the dock, the head guy had to drive off and rescue one of their sailboats.
Abigail took the wheel and took us out of the harbor. As soon as we passed the breakwater, our little 16′ 50 horse outboard was looking at 4-5 foot waves and swirling winds. We headed for the cove…
The boat at rest in the cove

The Captain and a part of her crew

Around the bend rough seas


6-29-12 The Girls In Their Summer Dresses

This is the start of Katherine’s long birthday weekend so I left responsibilities behind today and went and sat in Central Park to get tickets to the Shakespeare in the Park production of As You Like It. I arrived at 7:00 AM just after the thunderstorms finished (for really good tickets I should have been there by 6:30) and was lucky enough to be in the shade of a very large tree as the temperatures climbed into the upper 90’s. Did lots of reading and lots of people watching. I remembered a Harry Belefonte song:

I remember summer morning
Dawning light and bright and gay
And the girls in their summer dresses
Walking, Walking on their way

I remember distant laughter
Afternoons of past Julys
And the girls in their summer dresses
With their secret smiling eyes

Tender arms so smooth and slender
Downy and brown from sunlit days
Wrapped in evening silvery splendor
Resting on tables in dim cafes

I remember midsummer night times
Midsummer night dreams I recall
But the girls in their summer dresses
I remember most of all

I remember sad September
Dying summers brave display
And one sweet girl in her summer dress
Who softly swiftly slipped away

After I drafted this post I left it behind and went and read some of my fellow bloggers. Carla, who blogs wonderfully about NOLA on her blog One Wild and Precious Life, seems to be thinking along the same lines I am today…check out the link back there and see if you agree. Even if you don’t it is still a good trip to take.



6-14-12 The Home Front

Today I decided to visit a truly unique place. My apartment and the front of the building….


Abigail (L) and Caroline (R) getting ready to go.

(Sarah’s) Garden 1

Garden 2

Sun sets over Riverside Park and The Hudson River

3-18-12 No Drama Sunday #5 (Francesca Woodman Edition)

3-18-11 In the River

It was a gorgeous spring day in NYC today. Walked from home across Central Park to the Guggenheim Museum to meet friends and see the Francesca Woodman exhibit. Woodman is an extraordinary photographer from the late 70’s and is, to my mind, the flip side of her contemporary Cindy Sherman (who coincidentally has a major retrospective at MOMA). They both use their own bodies as their primary subject but where, to my mind, Woodman “reveals to conceal” and so reach the universal, Sherman “conceals to reveal”. Sherman is arguably the best known photographic artist working today. Woodman, unfortunately, committed suicide at the age of 22. She left an amazing body of work.


Secret Stash