15-09-10 Blossom – Just A Little Fun

The things Google+ gets up to with your photographs when you are not looking!


8-31-11 Newburgh NY (August Is Over!!!! – DAMN)

When I do my trips up river, I do not particularly plan them. I pick a town, search them on Google to see if they list river access. Whether listed or not, I head out assuming that the town will show me to the waterfront.  Today I decided to drive to Highland Falls.  Nothing I could find talked about river, most websites talked about the village and the fact West Point was in/bordered it.  After 45 minutes of driving around the town, it seemed to me that West Point had taken all the river for itself and The Point does not allow “unescorted” visitors so I headed north on Route 9W to Newburgh, NY.

9W Overlooking West Point and the river

I stopped at the parking lot on the other side of the mountain.  An older gent was using a tree as a urinal while a younger gent and a young woman engaged in a mountain top kiss.

View from the other side of Crow's Nest

Note how brown the river is. Silt kicked up by Irene.

I am familiar with the Newburgh waterfront since the River Swim  starts here but I thought I would see what it looks like on non event days and how it had handled Irene.

The river was a mess.  I spoke to several people who told me that it was much cleaner than yesterday, that the water had risen about 5 feet and flooded up over the sidewalk and parking lots.  A man putting his Jet Ski into the river told me that there was a Dead Body Found In River  on Monday.   The death did not appear to be related to Irene.

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