16-08-23 WPC: Rare – Mother Nature Show Edition

I find it rare for Mother Nature to be this precise in her lighting design. I guess no matter how experienced we are we all like to mix it up sometime.


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15-10-19 Weekly Photo Challenge: Extraordinary

I find the colors of these chiles from the Mercado de la Merced in Mexico City to be extraordinary…

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15-08-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: Creeeeeepy


I have a number of images I regard as much creepier than today’s image but my challenge was to go back through the past 24 hours and see if I had accidentally taken anything that was or could be made creepy.  This is what I can up with.

You be the judge…


Other creepyisms.








15-03-17 Happy The Day That Will Not Be Named

I was going to call this edition of QH 15-03-17 Throw-up Tuesday but that just did not seem classy…

In NYC the day is celebrated by many underage and barely aged drinkers coming in from the suburbs and drinking all of the day and all of the night…

Not everyone goes that way, of course, just enough to keep the reputation alive.

Lots of green in town today…


4-15-14 Flashback

“To consult the rules of composition before making a picture is a little like consulting the law of gravitation before going for a walk.”
Edward Weston

I thought today I would do a little flashback to April 15, 2011 when The Quotidian Hudson was but a toddler. I hope you don’t mind. Follow the link back to the childhood of this blog!

Oddly enough, given the title “Time”

3-16-13 Travel Theme: Green (Glas edition)

As mentioned yesterday Ailsa’s Travel theme this week is GREEN!

The greenest place I have ever been is Ireland. It isn’t that the country had more green than anywhere else, it is that it has more hues of green than I have ever seen. Here are a very few examples.