7-15-13 Candlelight Vigil

This is not the post I prepared for today. You will see that tomorrow. At 8:45 I discovered that there would be a neighborhood candlelight vigil for Trayvon Martin at West Harlem Piers Park which is at 128th Street and the river. So off I went. It was indeed primarily a neighborhood vigil, organized out of one of the big apartment buildings near the park. It was very inter-racial, very peaceful, very much pointed at Stand Your Ground and gun laws and not at George Zimmerman. “He is a symptom. He is not the cause.” I had dashed out of the house and did not have my off camera flash so I was pushing the camera and lens very hard. Here are some faces from the vigil.

Boro Walk



I am a very political person although this is not a very political blog. Because of the horrific, unbelievable, awful, disgusting shooting that happened today in Newtown CT. at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, I feel I have no choice but to say the following:

It is time for the citizens of the United States to act like adults, tell the NRA and their bought politicians to go to hell and pass an Amendment to the Constitution of the United States banning possession of: handguns; automatic; semi-automatic; and any weapon that can be converted to that status by anyone in the United States.

Hunting rifles, fine. Everything else, off the table.

(If people are truly paranoid about the government being the only people with guns, feel free to include a provision that the armed forces and police are not permitted to use such weapons on United States soil unless in case of proven terrorist attack – silly but I am in favor of whatever it will take)

Guns do kill people. I have been listening to the politicians and newscasters say today is not the time to talk about this out of respect for the families but soon we will have a grand national conversation about what to do about such things.

First, this never happens. We went through an entire Presidential campaign and never talked about Aurora CO. If you do respect the families and their grief NOW is exactly the time to talk about it.

Second: What conversation does happen is about how to improve security WITHOUT gun control.

Here is a clue for us all. YOU CAN’T improve security without gun control or without sacrificing every civil liberty that makes us not North Korea.

Anyone still want to tell Bob Costas he spoke out of turn?