9-12-13 Random Travels Rather Than Planned

I was going to use these shots to work with both the Weekly Challenge: “An Unusual POV” and Ailsa’a Travel theme: “Hidden” but then though, “Nah, its almost Friday so just show the pictures.”

The first is from 2005 and the second is from 2010 Both are from islands across the Atlantic.

Blarney Castle

Getting ready to kiss the stone

Getting ready to kiss the stone

King’s Cross Railway Station

Platform 9 3/4

Platform 9 3/4 – Someone missed the Hogwarts Express


7-17-12 – Mobilicorpus*

* Ask Harry Potter



2-26-12 No Drama Sunday #4

Went to Brooklyn for brunch and to see friend’s new apartment. This is one of their views over the East River to downtown Manhattan…

I was with several real estate mavens, so we stopped one floor below to check out an Open House in a small one bedroom apartment (for sale because of a new baby in the house).  Throw this collection in and who knows how high the bids might go…

Watched the Oscars…no surprises there except that the Academy completed one absurd streak.  8 (Eight!) Harry Potter movies  – 0 (ZERO!!!!!) technical awards – regarding the rest, I do believe that in x years, people are going to look back and say, “really, The Artist won Best Picture? and the french guy won best actor? How very Shakespeare In Love and Mel Gibson (Braveheart) of us.  We won’t mention Best Female Mimic – oops meant Actress.


9-7-11 Of Roast Tomatoes, Quidditch, and Color Shift

Busy day today between moments of “real life”.

Started my day down at the river which remains a river of a different color after Irene and all the subsequent rain. Some people swear it is running red – Red River – but it looks brown with a hint of red to me.  Unfortunately, it reminds me of incredible damage to farms and farmers caused by Irene and this subsequent rain. We are members of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and this newsletter from the farmers at Roxbury Farm sum up a lot of what has happened.  Newsletter Week 13(1)

Later it was time to swing into some roasting and canning.  Taking a recipe from Kathy Gunst\’s new cookbook, Notes From A Maine Kitchen, I made six pints of roasted tomatoes, 5 pints for canning and I for immediate eating…

I think it came out quite well.  (Excellent cookbook… check it out).

Then I headed back to the river to see if I could catch some post sunset fog and GW Bridge glow.  I am not happy with those pictures but on my way down to the river I did catch our local Quidditch society (Muggle division) hard at play…

Remember to click on the image for a full-sized look.

I wasn’t sure whether to applaud or cry at the seriousness with which they took the game, so I simply shot it and then went on my way.

4-29-11 A Moment in Time

I was very busy yesterday and only had a very brief window to dash to the river. When I got down there I found some students shooting a movie.  I asked if I could shoot them shooting (how pre post-modern) and they said sure.  I got off a few good shots but then this gentleman on a bike appeared. I saw him out of the corner of my eye.  I figured I would wait until he passed but kept my eye in the viewfinder. Then he came in range and I had to shoot. I was lucky and got the shot I wanted.

He reminds me of Timothy Spall  – the actor who plays Wormtail (Peter Pettigrew) in the Harry Potter movies. He also played Churchill in The King’s Speech