16-06-10 Reality – Please Help

This is not my picture…

As you, my WordPress readers know I have spent many years helping Katherine Alford raise money for River Pool at Beacon as she swims the Hudson. I have, perhaps been a little bit of a nag about that.

This request is different. It is not to help support a cause that cleans up a river and lets underprivileged children swim.  It is not to support a child’s last wish. I am quite literally asking you to potentially help save a young girl’s life.
I cannot possibly explain the issue better than Suzie’s dad, Paul Hope, does below.
I will quote this one sentence, however: “But rarer still is the fact that after speaking to experts around the word, we believe that Suzie is one of probably 5 children in history in which we have caught the disease in time to treat, and potentially cure her.”
A dollar, $5, $10, $100 it doesn’t matter. If you can help this family in any way, I ask you to do so.


15-10-27 Need A Printer!

Perhaps not exactly what WP is meant for but, hey, social networks work! (I hope)

We are looking to buy a good family home office printer, one that will print decent work prints (8.5×11 is fine, legal or tabloid is a lagniappe). Must have a decent scanner, be wireless (of course) and able to print excellent text and ok graphics. There are too damn many seemingly perfectly decent choices out there so wondering if anyone has something they love. If so, let me know.