16-08-15 WPC: Fun (Hudson River Edition)

RSJohnson_1608141608149938Last night we took a sunset journey down the Hudson to the Statue of Liberty aboard the Schooner America 2.0 run by Classic Harbor Line. Some thunder, a little rain and a great deal cooler than the 94 degrees (heat index 107) that it was on shore.

Fun? Indeed it was.



3-31-14 Made It 25% Around The Sun, Again

Yes, indeed we did.

I needed to prepare a portfolio for the last class with Amy Arbus tomorrow, 50% work from the class and 50% work of our own. While putting it together I fell back in love with this picture. This image and I have a very dysfunctional relationship. I love it then I hate it and refuse to even look at it. I printed it out today and fell in love again.



If you were eligible and needed it, I hope you signed up for the Affordable Care Act Health Insurance and didn’t let the negative Nellies and people of bad faith scare you off. Before you blow up at me, what exactly are they offering you in its place? The old system we all agree is awful? What is the definition of insanity again?

Will The ACA work? Damned if I know but I am sure it won’t if people insist on sitting in the corner, kicking their heels and holding their breath.

12-15-13 Weekly Photo Challenge/Travel Theme: Still Community

The Weekly Photo Challenge is community. Ailsa’s Travel Theme is still. I thought this snowy picture from Hoboken 2/2011 fit the bill(s).

Community - Hoboken0086

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6-24-12 Round Trip Road Trip

I have not been my usual participatory WordPress blog self (either reading or writing) these past few days and today I barely managed to get a blog post in at all. I threw up one pic of the Mermaid Day Parade but it was the best I could do. There will be a full blog about the parade in the next 24-48 hours.

We have been busy getting Abigail ready for camp.  Today we drove her up to Vermont and then came back.  Basically we left at 11 and returned at 11. Not a bad drive all in all but a long day and tomorrow morning I have to return David and Jenna’s car so Jenna can take the kids on an upstate adventure. I will then retrieve the Graciemobile from the friend we loaned it to and see why it started acting up. (I hate cars. That is a big reason I live in NYC). Hardly anytime to blog and not much time to shoot but I did get a few good pictures of the camp campus and one shot of the town that I liked.


From Hoboken in 2011

11-08-11 – Thinking Outta The Box/Coloring Outside Da Lines

I grabbed the bull by the horns, yesterday.  Really took a risk and just decided to go for it. Grabbed for all the gusto. Took the path less frequented. Went my own way. Reinvented the wheel. After all, all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.

To cut to the chase, the long and the short of it is…

I went to the river yesterday…without my camera!  I thought I would try to see it with unmediated eyes.  It really felt very odd.  To begin with it took a while for me to stop looking at everything as if I was framing it.  Naturally I saw several moments that I thought would make great pictures. Once I was able to relax though, it was pleasant and restful in a different way than my normal river meditation.

I will have to try it again some day.

Meanwhile here are three pictures one from each of the quarters of the year we have completed.

2/08/11 - From Hoboken

4/07/11 Tarrytown - The Tappan Zee Bridge

9/01/11 Lower Manhattan

That’s a wrap.

7-12-11 Bears and Boys

February – Hoboken Terminal

Fun day today – very hot and humid so off to P\’town for shopping and people watching. It is Bear Week, so lots of bears were out and proud.

On the way home we stopped at Long Pond.

There were three young gentlemen who were getting read to leave but…when the girls showed up they decided to stay and “chat”. For some reason they decided the girls were Jamaican which particularly amused Abigail. In Panama she was asked if she was Chinese.

Of course, Katherine swimming and my wandering the shore with my camera perhaps put a bit of a damper of the conversation but so it goes.

Came home and played a few rousing hands of Apples to Apples and Scattergories.

The West Bank 2-8-11

The Hudson, like every river, has two banks and so far I have primarily shot from the eastern one. Today I decided that I would spend time in the far western region known as New Jersey, Hoboken to be specific.   I had read that NJ was developing a walk, The Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, http://www.state.nj.us/dep/cmp/czm_hudson.html much like NYC’s Hudson River Greenway , http://www.traillink.com/trail/hudson-river-greenway.aspx and I set out to do some walking.

I hopped on the NY Waterway Ferry http://www.nywaterway.com/ at The World Financial Center and crossed to the NJ Transit Terminal in Hoboken.  Right there in the station they have signs pointing you to the Walkway (which actually seems to run through the terminal.)  At that point I had to decide if I would walk south towards Jersey City or north towards Weehawken. The coin came up north so off I went.  The views of Manhattan from Hoboken are spectacular and I must particularly recommend the view from The Stevens Institute of Technology, which is on a hill overlooking the river.

Much to my surprise a number of areas within the first 1/2-mile of the terminal were blocked off from public use.  It looked like parts of the Walkway had fallen into the river. A playground over the river was cut off by a chain link fence and bright orange stretchy material with signs saying “Danger -Keep Out”. Several walkways out into the river and major parts of Frank Sinatra Park also were blocked off.  It turns out that despite being only 10 years old, much of the Walkway in Hoboken is collapsing. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/08/nyregion/08hoboken.html

You would think that, given humans have been living on the river for more than a thousand years, someone might have realized that it can be an aggressive and possibly destructive force and care must be taken in the materials used and in the design of structures.  Apparently not.

Remember that clicking on the image will open a larger version in a separate window.

I went a little links crazy today, since I think I figured out how to embed them. Please let me know if they don’t work!

January 3-NY Waterway

First sunny day of 2011. The people at New York Waterway who run the ferry system between NJ and Manhattan have been kind enough to give me a pass so that I can ride their boats and shoot the river all of 2011.  Almost immediately a security guard stops me and says that I can’t shoot in the terminals or on the piers because of orders from Homeland Security.  On the boats, no problem. This shot was taken from just off the Hoboken landing pier with no objection. Strange times.