15-12-11 We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program

To bring you this commercial message.

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We now return you to our regularly scheduled programs.

3-25-13 Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense #2

It is remarkably quiet in my neighborhood tonight. Some of that is due to the truly lousy weather (although we escaped the snow and just have a really cold rain)  I am sure most of it is due to being the first night of Passover / Pesach. Many of my neighbors are celebrants and the smells in the hallway of all of the food being prepared for the various feast  are wonderful.

I had business in Manhasset today and this storefront caught my eye with its intimations of Future (very) Tense.

Future Tense-1


To any who celebrate – a very happy Passover.

12-1-11 T’is The Season

And now it’s December, 2011. That means that I finally can hear the Holiday music that has been playing incessantly in stores and on a variety of radio stations since Halloween, without getting ill.

Yes, I said Holiday music. I live in New York City where according to Fox News the “liberals” and “socialists” have won the war on Christmas.  I prefer to think that in this space we inhabit, most of us prefer not to shove our particular beliefs or non-beliefs down each others throats.

The Québécois Tree folks have been decorating…