16-04-03 WPC – Landscape #2

May 8, 2015. Looking south past the Mid-Hudson Bridge from the Walkway Over The Hudson Historic State Park.


Landscape #1

Other Landscapes


10-10-13 Color – 2nd Place

I thought I would show you the shots that finished second in my personal color competition. This will give you the chance to nod your head sagely and say, “He made the right choices” or to shake your heads and go “What an idiot. Doesn’t even know his own work.”

Red – Tomato

Red_Yearly Gunsting-8


Green – Hudson River just below Henderson LakeJourney's End_Source of the Hudson


Blue -Sunrise over the Hudson – Saugerties Lighthouse


Yellow – Peppers at the greenmarket



White – Blizzard (same day and path as yesterday)



Have at it!


9/1/13 Travel Theme: Distance

Ailsa’s theme this week is distance.

Yesterday I combined it with the weekly photo challenge: sea.

The image I am using is from the same shoot as the one I used for the Travel theme: big.

H’mm getting a bit self-referential here, aren’t I…

Ah well. This view is from the summit of Mt Beacon at the end of the old incline railroad, looking over Beacon, the Hudson River, Newburgh and on deep into the Hudson Valley and finally to The Catskill Mountains.

Mount Beacon

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8-16-13 Travel Theme: Big

Ailsa’s Theme this week is: BIG.

On my way back from my upstate adventures I climbed Mount Beacon and then went up the abandoned fire tower at the summit.  I think this fits the theme.

Mount Beacon

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9-2-11 Stony Point

Stony Point, NY is home to the oldest Lighthouse on the Hudson River and is the location of a small but well known Revolutionary War battle, the Battle of Stony Point. General Anthony Wayne led the American troops. Wayne became known as Mad Anthony later in his career.  The original plan of battle was drawn up by General Washington and then modified by General Wayne. According to the Museum docent British historians do not call it a battle but rather a raid.

The Stony Point Lighthouse was built in 1826 at a cost of $3350 dollars.

The battlefield and lighthouse are a State Historic Site.

It is a very pleasant half day trip from the city.  I would have spent more time there but the oven repairman was coming.

As always click the links for full size photograph…

6-20-11 Advice Needed

So I am looking for advice…I have 6 of the 8 images I intend to show as part of my final class presentation tomorrow (It is naturally about the Hudson). I need to choose 2 more and I am currently stuck and looking for outside eyes.  Any and all preference statements, comments and suggestion welcome!  If you don’t want to go public, feel free to email…


5-15-11 Shad Fest! Riverkeeper! Giant Puppets! BagPipes! Slide Show…(replaces 5/20/11 post)

The day of the Shad Fest dawned rainy and foggy…no surprise there – our weather has not exactly been overwhelmingly dry.

Katherine and I headed north to Garrison in the Hudson Valley to celebrate Riverkeeper.  We took the western route which meant we had to cross the Bear Mountain Bridge which is where I shot the photograph at the top of the page.  Riverkeeper has a fascinating history. Founded in 1966 as “the Hudson River Fishermen’s Association, a blue-collar coalition of commercial and recreational fishermen” it has accomplished some amazing things in its 45 year history.  Along with Clearwater and numerous other organizations they have brought much of the Hudson back to life and made it the most successful River Reclamation (watch the video!) project in the world.  There is still a long way to go…GE and the start of PCB cleanup.  What is even more disturbing, despite the great efforts of all these dedicated people, is that over 160 miles of the Hudson polluted by GE is NOT being cleaned up by them. See this post by the blog The Hudson River for more details.

However we were there to have a good time as well as learn more and I would say that a good time was had by all.  Jugglers, raptors, really good bands,  Pipers and a very impassioned speech by Bobby Kennedy. I spoke with Captain John Lipscomb, the Riverkeeper Boat Captain and hope to spend a weekend on the river with him some time this year while he is on patrol.

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5-15-11 Garrison NY, Boscobel, and The Riverkeeper Shad Fest

This will be a short posting.We went to Boscobel for the 21st Annual Riverkeeper Shad Festival yesterday. A beautiful, foggy, Hudson Valley Day. Lots of photos of the festivities and lots of thoughts about the content but no time to write about them this morning. So, that post is TK, I hope by tonight or tomorrow.