7-5-14 Fireworks Over New York

We were invited to view the fireworks from our friend’s terrace in Brooklyn.

I hope you enjoy the show. Click on any image…

7-4-14 – July 4th, Wellfleet MA, 2006/July 3rd, NYC 2014




What a difference the weather makes…I bet you can guess which picture is Wellfleet and which is New York.

7-4-12 Twitter Fireworks

Why Twitter fireworks?  We chose not to fight the madding crowds down by the harbor and decided to watch from around 96th Street. Great view but a bit far away for the lens thus, to my mind, they resemble tweets. Tiny bits of information…. Nonetheless I liked a few shots. Here are two.

The next is not a very good shot but I don’t care. Fireworks always give me a happy face…

Finally, before the fireworks began, Mother Nature put on her own show which revealed trouble coming to the harbor…

7-3-12 Daphne Zepos

My good friend and Katherine’s excellent friend Daphne Zepos died this morning at 12:02.  She was an amazing woman and a great friend. It was my privilege to know her.

She had very recently been awarded the American Cheese Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

7-4-11 The Police Don’t Like That

We went upstate to visit friends at their country lake house and had a great day. AS we came back into the city, driving along the river (yes I did make it to the river) on the Henry Hudson Parkway we were able to see the fireworks from downtown. I would have liked to stop and shot them but the cops frown on cars stopping in the middle of the road so, I bring you fireworks from 1/13/11 when Cunard had a big celebration down by Battery Park…