11-22-13 Unexpected

For God’s sake, let us sit upon the ground,

And tell sad stories of the death of kings;



When I saw that the weekly photo challenge was unexpected, I had to believe that whether consciously or subconsciously Cheri Lucas Rowland over at WordPress HQ had been influenced by the date.  To my mind the events in Dallas 50 years ago were perhaps the most unexpected event at least since Pearl Harbor and probably longer. Some people had predicted a Japanese attack. The CIA warned about 9/11 but I don’t think Kennedy’s assassination was on any radar – well except for those who planned it.

I took a walk through Central Park recently. As I came over a rise what appeared before me?




Giant pink snails from Italy of all things.

photo (7)

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6-17-13 I Took A Wrong Turn

“Getting lost is the only place worth going to.”

Tiziano Scarpa

I was looking for a specific Hudson picture today, one I feel is very important to include in this first body of work. For some reason my hand opened the “wrong” file and I found myself back in Venice.  Katherine, Abigail and I had a great two weeks there many a year ago. Lived in a rented flat. Went wandering at all hours of the day and night. We had a Samuel Beckett character living at the end of the street. He would monologue for several hours at a time and had built an apartment out of boxes.

I loved Venice but I particularly loved it at night.Canal at Night


Nighttime on the canal

7-24-12 Mexico City Maria

Today we partnered up and went out to shoot specific assignments. The weather was extremely hot which didn’t bother me but did bother a few of my classmates.

The class is extremely international.  If I am remembering correctly we have folks from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Guatemala, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Taiwan, Venezuela, Virginia and Westchester County.  The TA is from Russia.

The assignment: shoot from 6 feet above our partner; 6 feet below; at the closest focal range possible with a 50mm lens,; in motion; in an environment that described them; and a team portrait.

My partner was Maria, a 23 year old woman from Mexico City who is in the States for 3 weeks taking courses at ICP.

I did well on a few, badly on a few. Here is the good…well at least I think so…

Team Portrait



Sunset On the River