16-10-02 WPC- Nostalgia_Hippie Edition

This week’s challenge is nostalgia.  In my experience, once you are past about age 8 the choices are limitless. I was photographing some third grade students the other day and one said to another: “Remember when we were little kids we used to…”

I went to Yonkers last week to revisit the Glenwood Power Station. The construction/destruction of this most beautiful ruin seems to have slowed or stopped. The visit was nostalgic as it is one of the first places outside of NYC proper I visited when I first started The Quotidian Hudson. Along with the Little Red Lighthouse it truly has my heart.

After visiting it I was walking the Yonkers waterfront and came across the subject of today’s photo.  It brought back 1968 with a vengeance…


8-17-11 Mars Attacks!

Small things like reasons
Are put in a jar.
Whatever happened to wishes,
Wished on a star?
Was it just something
That I made up for fun?

Marty Balin

Katherine and I decided to meet for a beer at sunset at the temporary restaurant down by 68th Street.  It would give me a chance to walk out on the ‘pier’  and get some good sunset shots and give us a chance to talk, bond, and be a couple in these last few days before Abigail comes home and school and all the events of the fall begin.

Ah well, best laid plans…

Among other things, tonight was the last night of Movies Under the Stars (they were showing Mars Attacks!) and the pier was blocked off by a large projection screen and some killer speakers (not shown).  It was so loud that talking was nearly impossible and listening was worse.

At least we had a few beers.