17-06-12 Too Soon

A young woman, a Bay Area photographer I met at a photo workshop, ended her life last week. We spent two days together, at best she was a Facebook acquaintance.
I followed her career, her joys and successes on FB and Instagram. It was clear she had her demons, as do we all, but she was a vibrant and loving soul.  I have been reading the love and pain expressed by her friends (again I emphasize I was a brief acquaintance, whatever pain I feel is the pain we all feel when someone dies too soon. ) Her community is mourning. I can’t imagine how her partner and family feel.

I’m not sure why I am writing this blog except that we need to make sure we celebrate our lives, other’s lives, and try to reach out and help anyone who is suffering and feeling unsure and alone. I guess it is also to suggest that the lives we see on FB etc., are not the whole story, certainly not the true story.

Goodbye MJ. Holding you in the light.


6-30-14 Pride Parade NYC – A Taste Of Honey

Yesterday was a great day in NYC. The annual Pride parade which brings out people from every borough and walk of life to participate and view.  If you couldn’t make it here is a slide show of a small piece of the parade.

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12-31-13 A Minute To Joy: Weekly Photo Challenge

Challenge: Joy.

First response of 2013 is here.

The last response of 2013?

At 5:37:58 pm on October 4th facing the river from the underpass I saw this.


At 5:38:53 pm I took two steps toward the river and turned to see this:


Have a great New Year’s Eve and a Happy 2014.

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12-28-13 Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

The challenge this week is joy.

I thought this summer shot at Coney fit the bill…


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I couldn’t help myself. Apologies in advance.