17-01-05 First Cold Night of 2017

Has put me in mind of warmer times…


Karaoke on Coney Island. She sang “You Don’t Own Me.” Every woman over 30 in the audience sang along.


The nuns weren’t actually singing in Brooklyn Bridge Park but who could resist?



4-27-12 A Special Anniversary Visit And The End Of The Final Frontier

Today was our anniversary.  We had a great evening. For dinner we went to Keens Steakhouse which dates itself to 1885. It did shut down for a brief period but reopened in the early 80’s. It claims to have, and really who is going to dispute this, “the largest collection of churchwarden pipes in the world.”  More importantly, it has great food.  Katherine started with a Martini while I had a Perfect Manhattan then she went with the oysters while I had the kale salad. We split the Mutton Chop (26 oz), and had sides of excellent fries and creamed spinach. As frequently happens when we eat out, Katherine had worked with the Executive Chef, Bill Rodgers.  He came out and spoke with us for some time and provided us with a few delightful lagniappes.

We first discovered Keen’s when we moved to Manhattan. We lived around the corner. After dinner we went back to the old building which has NOT changed. The front door was still open so people could access the Karaoke Bar on the second floor, so we just walked up to our old apartment.

Where our New York began

Then we decided to see if the roof door was still open…

It was:

Herald Square to the right

Empire State up and to the left

The stairway was as beautiful as ever

A truly fun night.

But that wasn’t all there was to our anniversary.  Katherine had managed to pull some strings with the weather gods and arranged a little fly- bye for me…

As soon as I saw the Enterprise take off from DC, I hopped the subway and went up to Riverbank State Park. I positioned myself on the highest corner down at the south end (138th Street). Two other folks were there when I arrived.  Within 20 minutes another 15 or 20 people showed up so we had quite the little community.  I was following NASA’s Twitter feed and MSNBC, someone else had a live video feed so we knew when she was coming. First she went up river at 1500 hundred feet…

Then circled and came down river…

Flew around the Statue of Liberty and then over New Jersey…

and then she headed back over the river to go to Queens.  What I did not realize was…

…The flight path was over 138th Street! ………….i.e ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn fine anniversary gift.