16-03-03 Triptych

Three faces of Dari…

Three Faces of dari 2

Thanks to Faythe Miller for propping and original concept.

15-12-15 One Week To The Winter Solstice (Grand Canyon Edition)

It was 63 today in New York City. They are predicting 59 for the Solstice and possibly 66 for Christmas Eve day. Naturally my thoughts turned to the Grand Canyon. I took one of my “two star” shots of the Grand Canyon South Rim (in my organizing system two stars means worth working on but probably not a finalist) and several hours doing some preliminary editing. I came up with four variants which I would like to share with you.

For the technically inclined this image was shot:

Nikon D 800; ISO 100; 1/125th; F / 8; 85mm. All post was done in Lightroom. Feedback appreciated.





15-04-27 Playing With Pano

Lightroom CC/Lightroom 6 was just released last week. One of the key upgrades is a significantly better, faster panorama feature. I spent some time playing with it today and I do have to say that I am impressed both with the speed and ease of the function but also with its ability to stitch together multiple shots that were not really intended to be one.

This is from five shots taken from the Staten Island Ferry.


15-03-02 Compare And Contrast – Studio and Lightroom

Between the snow and the icy roads I didn’t get back from the wedding until almost 2am. The driving was more tiring then the working.

I had planned a day of shooting but everything except my eyes and brain felt wiped so thought I would work on some images for presentation at my Friday workshop.

The first image of Derrick is the original. The second is with no change except white balance. The others show further work done. I have two favorites which will go unremarked upon.  Feel free to let me know if any resonate with you!






15-02-05 Playtime

Then a crowd a young boys they’re a foolin’ around in the corner
Drunk and dressed in their best brown baggies and their platform soles
They don’t give a damn about any trumpet playin’ band
It ain’t what they call rock and roll
Then the Sultans
Yeah the Sultans they play creole, creole

Mark Knopfler

I felt a little off when I got home and decided to just mess about in Photoshop for a bit with one of my current favorite pictures while listening to The Sultans of Swing on auto repeat..

This is the original:

RSJohnson_Hudson_ 110612-2

This is after working it in Lightroom:

RSJohnson_Hudson_ 110612-2-2

Moved into Photoshop from the edited Lightroom

RSJohnson_Hudson_ 110612-2-Edit

I have no idea if I like what I did. That is going to have to wait until tomorrow but I had a good time.

11-26-13 The Beginning

Back when the Quotidian Hudson was just a gleam in my eye, I journeyed to the river to see if the idea had any merit. One morning in early November, 2010, I took this shot at around 7:05 AM.

Before the before3

I was just starting to learn Lightroom and spent a significant amount of time playing with the image but never got it to a place that satisfied me. My instructor pointed out that sometimes there are shots that we just couldn’t or didn’t get. True enough. And told me nothing could really make it work.

Over the years I have come back and picked at it when I was frustrated or upset. I’ve played in LR and PS, gone bxw, used filters, layered it and masked it etc. Finally I just threw away everything I had done and let it lie.

Today I pulled it back out and started to work on it in LR and, horrors, cropped it. I am not finished with it yet but think I may finally be heading in the right direction. We shall see.

Before the before0396

12-7-12(11) – Travel Theme: Circles – Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

Today we have a twofer! Ailsa over at where’s my backpack? selected circles as her travel theme because for the last few months she has been traveling in circles around the US.  Meanwhile this week’s Photo Challenge is Changing Seasons because after all it’s “What’s Happening Now!!

I dug through the archives and came up with these two images from one year ago today, 12/7/11. They are two views of basically the same scene down by the Hudson and I think they cover both categories quite well. (But, you will be the judge of that).

Hudson - NYC

12 Months ago-circling the changing seasons-2

Speaking of judging, thanks to everyone who spoke out yesterday about the three images.  I heard through the blog, Facebook and my email and it was unanimous. Everyone liked the first shot. (Thankfully).  Why thankfully? That is the shot I worked. The second shot was the look the automatic functions on Lightroom gave me and the third shot was as it came out of the camera.

Other points of view…


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Ese’s Voice – Travel Theme


Wind Against Current – Travel Theme


Hamburg Und Mee(h)r

10-25-11 I’m Halfway to Thirty – That’s Weird

Abigail said that to me a short while ago.  She is right. That is really weird.

I am in a bit of a trough at the moment.  I feel as if I am slogging through my daily shoot and it is not happening.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the going to the river and the spending time walking it (Katherine calls it my daily meditation and she is right) but I am not seeing the photographs through the camera eye.  I am not catching the new perspectives.  I feel as if I am shooting into the cliché, not through it.  Does that make any sense?

The other week I read an article about the current group of “top” American writers. The article was prompted by the publication of Jeffrey Eugenides‘ new novel, The Marriage Plot, a full nine years after his last book, Middlesex.  The writer pointed out that this was the pattern for most “serious” writers these days. He suggested that more is better if you want people to remember you and said that there was much to be said for following the Woody Allen model of yearly releases. I think of it as the “I may not have anything terribly good this year but let’s make it anyway and see what happens.” Or as Wayne Gretzky once said “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

As a result I decided to play a bit in Lightroom today. I did a number of “abstract expressionistic” things but decided on something a bit more subtle.