15-05-05 Cinco De Mayo

Life has been extremely hectic and busy, so much so that after 3+ years, I decided that the QH was going to take a little break. If I blogged, good. If I couldn’t get to it…well tomorrow is another day. The rest of this week continues hectic, culminating in my picking up Abigail on Friday as she comes home from her first year of college. I plan to sit down with myself this weekend and decide if I go back to a daily schedule, a three day a week schedule, or just let the blog posts fall where they may. I certainly do not intend to retire…

You kind folks will be the 2nd to know!

I was in the East Village on Sunday and came across this wonderful scene.


11-13-13 Boro Walk -2013-It’s A Wrap

All Borough walks are concluded for 2013. I thought I would throw together a gallery of the 10 walks. One shot of the photographer and one shot that represented something about the Borough or walk – to me.

These surely do not qualify as pictures for an exhibit. These are tokens as much for my memories as for any other reason. The only borough not represented is Staten Island…but hey, they are used to being an afterthought! So, as always, click on any picture in the gallery to jump to full size.

10-8-13 Boro Walk – Lower East Side

Start from 43rd Street and take the F downtown. Andrew Lichenstein was the leader of the walk.

Tompkins Square Park


and then we begin…

LES Boro Walk Watermark-2832

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LES Boro Walk Watermark-2872


LES Boro Walk Watermark-2883

LES Boro Walk Watermark-0015

LES Boro Walk Watermark-0031-2

LES Boro Walk Watermark-0033

10-7-13 Travel Theme: Height – Lower East Side Edition

Saturday was ICP’s first Boro (Borough) Walk of the fall. We went through the Lower East Side and into Chinatown where Jacob Riis had done much of his landmark work. Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week is height. These two photographs do not have much to do with him but I think hit the heights.


Saturday Night Height LES Edition-2845

And here a few other views:

travel theme: height | simply beautiful…

Travel theme: Height | Processing the life

Travel Theme: Height | Wind Against Current

Travel theme: High | Things I See and Know

Things With Wings | Babsje Heron

Travel theme: Height | My Thoughts like Balloons

Travel Theme: Heights | Wanderlushh

1-31-13 Travel Theme: Wall – NYC Graff

I needed to revisit this great theme of Ailsa’s before it vanished. I had just introduced NYC at the end of the last “Wall post” and thought I needed to expand on it.

The first three pictures are from5 POINTZ in Queens.

Wall the second-NYC-1

Wall the second-NYC-3

Wall the second-NYC-2

The next three are from the Lower East Side.

Hudson - NYC

Hudson - NYC

Hudson - NYC

The last one is from Harlem and is reputed to be the last Banksy in New York City.

Hudson - NYC

A photographer’s poetic, playful Lower East Side « Ephemeral New York

From “Ephemeral New York”: A lovely article about and great pictures by photographer, Rebecca Lepkoff

A photographer’s poetic, playful Lower East Side « Ephemeral New York.

7-1-12 Lower East Side

July 1, the start of the 2nd half of the year…

and day 3 of the Long Birthday Weekend. We went down to the Lower East Side to check out some Chinese places that Katherine wanted to try.  Luckily the thermometers down there said it was only 105 so walking around on the streets with no shade was easy enough. Not too many people on the streets and those that were seemed to want to head inside…

But before eating we had to hit The Harry Zarin Company to get a chair reupholstering project going.

Then off we went…Sun Ming Jan is a Chinese meat curing establishment…

Sun Ming Jan, Inc

For Abigail

Always lots of history to see on the streets down here…


7/1/11 The First Walking Woman

I was never able to get her story and she stopped coming around about 3 weeks later.