10-13-13 Enough Said

If you get the chance to go see Enough Said (it is only on 600 screens in the US so I don’t know if you will) take it. James Gandolfini and Julia-Louis Dreyfus are excellent as is the rest of the cast, it is well-directed and well written, and is actually about adults acting like adults in a romantic situation with a wonderful subplot about mothers and almost adult daughters. I would not call it a RomCom, it is much too bittersweet for that. It is just a damn good movie.

Before we went to see it, today’s blog was going to be called Macro and Micro for the two views of the Hudson that are below.

The first is from Mount Beacon looking towards the Catskills (it is an alternate take from a view I showed previously). The second is of an engine that I have shown frequently as it ages on the banks of The Hudson at about 103rd Street in Manhattan.

Mount Beacon

Boro Walk

9-30-13 The Island

“Sometimes, from beyond the skyscrapers, the cry of a tugboat finds you in your insomnia, and you remember that this desert of iron and cement is an island.”
Albert Camus

Photoville closed last night. One of the final events was a workshop put on by Resource Magazine.  Alexandra Niki, co-Founder of Resource Magazine and RETV, and Adam Sherwin, Executive Producer and co-Founder of RETV ran a seminar/workshop on “Build Your Online Presence In One Day.” Excellent information. If you have a chance to hear them speak, take it.

Exiting Photoville I walked into this view. Couldn’t resist.

Manhattan Skyline - Night-Brooklyn Pier 5-2

I think the helicopter in the upper right quadrant in the photo above looks like the Starship Enterprise when I zoom in. Let me know if you agree

Manhattan Skyline - Night-Brooklyn Pier 5-2-2

6-19-13 Cocktails

In many ways this picture is the start of The Quotidian Hudson. I am in the process of “finalizing” a book of my river journey (although until I go to Lake Tear Of The Clouds I cannot say it is finished) and in writing the preface…well to quote the first line: “In July 2010, while Katherine and I were in Riverside Park enjoying a Martini and Manhattan,  a quiet sunset snuck across the sky above the Hudson. I started shooting”

Boro Walk

11-1-12 Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown

I took a walk from 14th and 7th down to South Ferry today, mainly along the river. South Ferry is the southern tip of Manhattan, where you pick up the Staten Island Ferry (not running) and Liberty Tour ships (not running) as well as the terminus of the “1” train (not running this far south) and the “N” and “R” trains (they officially stop at Whitehall – “N” trains not running this far south and “R” trains running only in Brooklyn).

I took the “1” to Penn Station, then a random bus to 14th Street.

Walk with me.

New York Water – W14th Street near 8th Avenue

The Downtown Whitney construction site (according to several passersbye)

Don’t ask…

Chevy’s are survivors

Battery Park

North Meadow – Battery Park City. No power but keeping things watered…

1 World Trade Center

A lot of fishermen out today. Despite strong warnings of pollution in The Hudson and the Harbor, they were all intending to eat what they caught.

Fish on the line

The South Ferry area took a major hit

Waiting area for Liberty Boat

Army Corps of Engineers is all over the place

Penn Station as it has never been seen

6-30-12 …1 WTC

Hot night last night. After dinner in downtown we (Roy, Anne, Katherine and I) took a walk to the World Trade Center site. I didn’t have the camera but here is an iPhone pic.

and since one iPhone pictures deserves another. A view of the Hudson from April 16th

4-21-12 New York Cares Day

Today was the annual spring New York Cares Day. I was assigned to shoot at Marcus Garvey Park.  This is a park in the heart of Harlem. 10 years ago it was not a place where falling asleep on a park bench was advised.  Since then the community rallied around it and it is now one of the nicest “small” parks in Manhattan.  That doesn’t mean it doesn’t need love and some extra help. Lots of volunteers from lots of different organizations came out to paint, weed, collect trash, and in general spruce up.

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