7-17-13 Weekly Photo Challenge: Golden Hour (Take 2)

The weekly challenge this week is The Golden Hour. Now to me, a true golden hour came last night around 10:50 when Mariano Rivera entered the Baseball All Star game at Citi Field to a standing ovation from fans and all his professional peers. If you are not a baseball fan, please indulge me for 30 seconds before we get back to business. Rivera is something we don’t see very often. A person of dignity, humble and respectful of everyone,  who is absolutely and unquestionably the best ever at what he does.  But it is only a game, I have heard people say. True, but it is his profession and something he loves and for over 19 years he has worked quietly and hard to become what he is. The best of the best and respected by everybody who works in his business.  There just are not many people you can say that about.

Okay, end of homage and on to the challenge. If you hadn’t heard professional photographers hate sunset pictures, at least the ones I hang with. Three cheers for “the golden hour” hiss, boo for sunset. When I was just a babe in arms in photography I never understood that. Now I believe I do.

Here are three “golden hour” sunset pictures from 2010, 2012 and 2013. They have been worked only slightly. White balance correction primarily. Nothing your photo lab would not have automatically done for you when you dropped off your vacation pictures.

Boro Walk

Saugerties Sunset 1-6-12-0319

Boro Walk

Do you see what I mean? Each of these pictures could be made “better” BUT none of them are bad and the middle one is bloody spectacular if you ask me. And that is the problem professionals have.  You are not the artist when you shoot sunsets, nature is and she is better than you will ever be and makes everyone look good.

Just my thought.

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