5-27-14 Memorial Night Walk Through Central Park

A holiday Monday and the crosstown buses are running infrequently. I had spent 3 hours working with a client on the deep east side in the 70’s and decided to walk to the west side subway through the park. It was a gorgeous night. I took the 72nd Street transverse past the Bethesda Fountain to Strawberry Fields. Walk with me…






5-26-14 Street Walking

”Photography is about finding out what can happen in the frame. When you put four edges around some facts, you change those facts.” – Garry Winogrand


5-26-11 Summer Is Here

The river was swarming with people this evening. Strolling, biking, sitting, singing, you name it.  It looks like we blew past spring and have headed straight into summer. A good day at work followed by a walk on the river and then some time at home. We are headed into exam and final project time here so the intensity level is high but mostly in a good way.

No rest for the weary this weekend.  My PA computer crashed so I need to  recreate the entire year’s financials before the budget meeting next week, work is ramping up, and there are a lot of training manuals to write, and our niece/cousin/surrogate daughter graduates college this weekend.