10-31-14 Happy Halloween (2006)


9-14-14 No Drama Sunday – Double Exposure

Since Abigail headed off to college I have, for no apparent reason, decided that it is time to edit and organize the pre-digital photos that I took from the time I met Katherine until 2006 when I completed the digital transition.

I can be an idiot sometimes.

One of the hardest parts of doing this is that, as those of you of a certain age will recall, at a certain point photo labs started a service war that involved given you double sets of prints. I kept both…

We will not discuss the boxes of slides that I have not even ventured near. I just completed 1995. Happily Abigail was born the next year. Sadly that means the amount of photographs doubles? (no) triples or quadruples.

This has nothing to do with double exposures. However it seems on one of our cross country trips I had an explosion of interest in in-camera double exposures. For some reason this is the one I liked best today.


9-4-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

I am going to bend the rules today. 

Dialogue is an engaging conversational exchange.

When it comes to photography, dialogue can be perceived as a consensual interaction between two images.”

Ah but sometimes the dialogue can be between a picture and an image in your mind. Today was Day 1 of classes at Smith College. I did not need to be there to form an image of the morning.

13 years ago on 9/03/2001, I was there. I still have that image in my mind but I also have the photographic proof. 

I also have a third image in my mind that will be familiar to most of you, an image of a bright morning 8 days after this picture was taken. Unimportantly, my world changed all three of these days.

Extremely importantly, my daughter’s world dissolved and reassembled in a new configuration on each of these days. 


9-3-2001_Kindergarten_Day 1

9-3-01 Abigail and Edy: Day 1 Kindergarten. PS 290












5-2-11 One Spot – Three Shots

It is amazing what you can see if you stand in one spot long enough and just look around.

Where is the other sock?

Nature or nuture

Between our anniversary, having to look through my work history to excavate a few old memos, cleaning out iPhoto (20,000 + images all of which are already saved on backup hard drives in RAW format is a bit much to also have on the computer, no?), and the killing of Bin Laden, it has been a week of memory. I am starting to feel like Grizabella…