16-09-15 Triathlon WPC – Frame; Mirror; Edge

I have been running around and out of town so thought I would combine the last three weekly challenges: FrameEdgeMirror into one shot. With the help of the lovely Rebecca Campbell, I was able to do just that.

What do you think?


16-07-18 Natural Light Part 2

Tonight allow me to introduce you to Emma Lesser.  She is a gender studies major at Sarah Lawrence and an aspiring burlesque dancer…She is new to modeling. I very much enjoyed working with her at the Andrew French Daylight Studio Workshop.RSJohnson_1607107921-2


16-07-14 Natural Light

I took a Natural Light workshop last week taught by Andrew French. I had the opportunity to work with several of my favorite models as well as some folks new to me.  Today I am featuring Brittany Sanders in a featurette I think I’ll call American Woman


6-5-14 Senior Dinner, Model, Mayhem

If my posts have seemed scattered this week it is just because I am scattered. I have booked more work this week then I have in a long time (good). It is the week before Abigail’s graduation so the events have been flying thick and fast (good). The combination of the two? Not so good for blogging or indeed any form of communication. First picture is yesterday, taken with my Nikon. The others are tonight, taken with my iPhone.






Oh yeah, it is getting weird around here.