16-01-12 Sail Away

After returning with AJ


from MoMA on Sunday Evening.

Taken near the street where I live, a few seconds apart.






6-06-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

This week’s photo challenge is Room.

Many meanings there, of course. When I was a child one song evoked the concept of room for me better than any other tune I knew. I think the performer had something to do with it although Learner and Loewe can write a song.


Last year, MOMA had a retrospective of Isa Genzken‘s work. I love much of what she has done but I was particularly taken with this piece and how people reacted to it.



Some other rooms with a view:











2-17-14 Happy Alexander Hamilton Day

Truly idiotic and embarrassing or advertising scheme that proves there is such a thing as bad publicity…you be the judge.


I went to MOMA yesterday with a friend who wanted to see the Isa Genzken: Retrospective” and I wanted to see “A World of It’s Own: Photographic Practices in the Studio.” We both were interested in “There Will Never Be Silence: Scoring John Cage’s 4’33”

I took a few pictures of the Genzken Retrospective. I didn’t take any of the Photographic Practices since I am not a big believer in photographs of photographs unless you have a specific idea in mind and I did not take any of The Cage because, amusingly given his work and the work of his mentors and followers, photographs were not allowed. Insert visions of Fluxus and Dada giggling….




12-30-13 What A Difference A Place Makes

On the 27th, I took the new Canon – which I won through a raffle sponsored by Adorama Camera, a great camera store and rental house in the city, and Canon, on our journey through the city.

We went to MOMA to see the American Modern: Hopper to O’Keeffe and New Photography 2013 exhibits. I was a little disappointed in the American Modern. MOMA has such a large number of works that I would have preferred to see some lesser known Hooper and O’Keeffe (to name two). AS always, though, any Hooper is better than no Hooper and once again I was reminded  how much his use of light has affected my work. The New Photography 2013 was fascinating. Loved some: Steven Shore; Annette Kelm; Allan Sekula; Brigit Jurgenssen; others not so much.

Then we walked through Central Park on our way to see Inside Llewyn Davis – forget what the critics say about it , go see Her, or American Hustle, or 12 Years a Slave, or Hunger Games. Don’t waste your money on Davis.

The experience was very different between the park and the museum.



Central Park

Central Park