15-08-12 Monochrome Model

This is the image I submitted for Leanne Cole”s Monochrome Madness this week:

Model: Dayna


15-05-19 What’s Going On?

“It (death) doesn’t really bother me except for it’s forever. When I think about forever, I get upset. Like the Land O’Lakes butter has that Indian girl, sitting, holding a box. And it has a picture of her on it, holding a box. With a picture of her on it, holding a box. Have you ever noticed that?”

Sally Draper


This is the image that I sent to Leanne Cole for her weekly Monochrome Madness blog. Lots of excellent work. You should check it out.

15-02-03 Monochrome Madness

I participated in Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness 48 this week.   You should drop by her blog and look at the work people sent in.

I went with a portrait this week.



Here are two others.







10-28-14 The Madness That Is Monochrome

Leanne Cole runs a very interesting blog out of Australia. Every Tuesday for the last 35 weeks she has run a challenge she calls Monochrome Madness. I am an occasional contributor since that is not my particular bent but many people submit some amazing work. You really should click on the link and check it out.

This week I took one of my favorite color photos and monochromed it as my entry. You can see it and comment on it on Leanne’s blog but here it is.

Hudson - NYC