17-06-24 A New World (Trans_Lucent 1611)


Transient is the weekly photo challenge. Much of my work over the past 18 months has dealt with transition in various ways. This image is titled “A New World (Trans_Lucent 1611)

It has been accepted into The Griffin Museum’s 23rd Juried Show which will be running from July 6 to September 1. I am in company of a number of very talented artists:

Anne-Laure Autin, Zeren Badar, Hannah Bates, Clare Benson, Richard Boutwell, Alexandra Broches, Robert Calafiore, Lauren Ceike, Rebecca Clark, Lisa Cohen, Virgil DiBiase, Kev Filmore, Randi Freundlich, Preston Gannaway, Randi Ganulin, Amy Giese, Leonard Greco, Joe Greene, Frank Hamrick, Robert Johnson, Gregory Jundanian, Brian Kaplan, David Kelly, Richard Kent, Barbara Kyne, Emily Hamilton Laux, Susan Lirakis, Joshua Littlefield, Ward Long, Joyce P. Lopez, Molly McCall, Alyssa Minahan, Astrid Reischwitz, Suzanne Revy, Amy Rindskopf, Michelle Rogers Pritzl, Charles Rozier, Claudia Ruiz-Gustafson, Joshua Sarinana, Michael Seif, Wendy Seller, Karen Sparacio, Tema Stauffer, John Steck Jr., Robert Sulkin, Jane Szabo, Jerry Takigawa, Sal Taylor Kydd, David Underwood, Claire A. Warden, David Weinberg, Nina Weinberg Doran, Stuart Zaro, Ryan Zoghlin, Mary Zompetti.

Special Thanks to Sugarhill Works for making a truly extraordinary print for me.

1-15-13 Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

This week’s challenge is: Illumination.

So many possibilities, so little time.  I went digging through the files and for this pass, (maybe only, maybe first, who knows) decided to go back to Akumal.  A lovely moon rise.

This photograph was taken at ISO 3200; 18mm lens; f/stop 7.1; shutter speed 30 seconds; no tripod but balanced on a wall.

This is how it looked straight from the camera…


and (here comes the tech stuff) this is how it looked after moving the white balance from a temp of 3900 and a tint of 5 to a temp of 2850 and no tint, a slight nudge (+ 5) to the highlight tones; a push (+ 19) to the dark tones; removing (-100) the shadow tones and boosting the heck (+ 82) out of the light tones.


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