10-29-12 Sandy

I am not sure that I have ever posted pictures I did not take before but dangerous times call for dangerous measures…Thank you for all the messages of concern. We are fine because we live in Morningside Heights but as you can see much of the rest of the city is flooding. I have no pictures from Battery Park but the Harbor and the Hudson are cresting at 14 feet which is 9 feet above normal…


2-23-12 Walk The Way The Wind Blows

Just had time late this afternoon to duck into the southern end of Morningside Park for a few minutes. I went past this building on Cathedral Parkway and looked up. I’ve been walking by for years but don’t know if I ever really looked at it before…

I got to the park, sunshine,  teenage boys out playing baseball and basketball (school vacation this week)…

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Pretty but wrong.

Little kids feeding ducks and geese…

I am not sure who was more surprised – the kid or the goose – Grandad was the only one who did not seem perturbed…

Don't Ask, Don't Tell?


2-8-12 Round The Hood

Today, I was busy working on reinstalling files and software on the computer and so didn’t have the time or inclination for a road trip.  Instead I thought I would take a walk through one little corner of my neighborhood.  Specifically 109th, 108th, and 107th Streets, between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue.

The zip code 10025  (10025 Map/Data) is 1.1 square miles and goes from Riverside Park on the west, wraps around Morningside Park (best known, perhaps, for being the spark that lit the 1968 takeover of Columbia University) to Central Park West on the east and from W91st Street to W116th Street but does not include all of Columbia or Barnard.  The area includes Manhattan Valley and part of Morningside Heights but does not include any part of Harlem as it was classically known.  Instead “Southwest” Harlem is its northern border (You will note on the map that the Chamber of Commerce disagrees with me.)

PS/MS 165 Yard

Amsterdam and W 109th


Alley 107th

Broadway and W 107th

Arctic Sunrise 2-8-11 (From Hoboken)