11-30-13 Travel Theme: Sky


I wish I had a video to show of Tracy Nelson performing that song. But the audio itself is well worth the listen.

Ailsa’s theme this week is sky.

That put me in mind of this sky I took before Thanksgiving. I got off the subway and there it was. I had my iDevice with me. So I shot.


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11-14-13 iPhone Play

West Side Highway

West Side Highway


Moon over Morningside

Moon over Morningside



Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming




Travel Theme: Curves (8-28-12 Morningside Heights)

Ailsa’s “Travel Theme” this week is curves. Now when you see the curves of the day some of you are going to say:”Dude, you live in Morningside Heights, where is the travel”…

Well, I had to go several blocks north and east to get these shots. One definition of travel is “to go from place to place”. That I did.

The freshpeople and transfers have hit campus.

This may be my favorite curvy place in all of Manhattan…

6-14-12 The Home Front

Today I decided to visit a truly unique place. My apartment and the front of the building….


Abigail (L) and Caroline (R) getting ready to go.

(Sarah’s) Garden 1

Garden 2

Sun sets over Riverside Park and The Hudson River

4-5-12 “Look A There”

I haven’t got any special religion this morning.  My God is the God of Walkers.  If you walk hard enough, you probably don’t need any other god.  ~Bruce Chatwin, In Patagonia, 1977

A few highlights from a walk around Morningside Heights.

I took one look and i was fractured
I tried to walk but i was lame
I tried to talk but i just stuttered
What’s your name
What’s your name
What’s your name
What’s your name

Young blood
Young blood
Young blood
I can’t get you out of my mind



Clouds over the Hudson 4-5-11

1-25-12 It’s Carolina Day!

Today I want to recommend two bloggers from South Carolina.

One I have written about before, Andra Watkins, The Accidental Cootchie Mama.  She has a series this week that I suggest you take a read of and then dip back into her past oeuvre.

Crying In The Chapel

The second is a new discovery (for me).  Arley Seth was kind enough to visit and like the Quotidian Hudson and I followed the link back to him. He has recently started a blog called Shootabout. It is a photography blog and I think you will enjoy his work.

I took my own walkabout in the neighborhood today and realized that in all the time I have lived here, I have never consciously taken a picture of Tom’s aka The Seinfeld restaurant so here is a little touristic snap.

The other day someone asked me how I choose the shot or shots I put up.  I have talked about it before but that was a while ago so…Monday through Friday during the school year, late at night I whittle down what I have shot that day to 10 or 15 favorites.  The next morning, before she heads off to school, I show them to Abigail and while we talk or chat, depending on what is going on, she chooses 3 or 4 of the shots. Then, after I have looked them over and thought about what I want to write, I pick one (or more if it is a walkabout).

She and I both agree that sometimes you don’t pick the “best” shot, the one with correct color balance and composition etc.  Sometimes a “bad” shot is more evocative of the day and the way you feel and I always go with that. I have had some photographers tell me that is a mistake, that I will look unskilled or like an amateur.  So what? Photography is a craft, an art, a reflection of the photographer, in other words, it is like any other art or form of self expression.

When I was a grad student, teaching beginning theater undergrads in theory and acting sections, they would have big ideas about how to blow the stage apart and set the world on fire and I always encouraged them but I also always told them to learn the rules. You can’t do a good job of blowing something up and rebuilding it if you don’t know where/what it is.

End of soapbox.

A church with barred doors seems a contradiction to me but …see my note above…

Some things are beautiful and transitory and very much a snapshot of their moment. Some things mellow and deepen with age.


1-18-12 Sunshine Came Softly

“The person who doesn’t scatter the morning dew will not comb gray hairs.”
Hunter S. Thompson

I find deep pleasure at the way the morning sun pierces through the canyons of the city, striking the buildings at oblique angles, lighting a part and leaving the rest…

1-18-11 early morning rain

1-9-12 A Day Late And A Dollar Short

There are many great things about 2011 receding in the rear view mirror. It was just an awful year…One of the small good things (and yet…) was the end of the Postaday2011 challenge. I had given myself a number of “ropes and rules” that dictated how I would participate. They are now gone.  That means that I can post two days behind reality if I want to.  Post late in the day. Who knows, maybe I will put two days together sometime in the future so I can catch up.

I visited St John The Divine (aka St John the unfinished) today (1-9-12).

The Peace Fountain at St. John The Divine

Continuing the unfinished theme…despite being The Peace Fountain, there is no running water.

It is one of the two well known houses of worship up here (the other being the Riverside Church). They are not nearly as famous as St. Pat’s, but they are both truly integral parts of the entire Morningside Heights community.

There is a school connected with St Johns which is behind the cathedral and The Bible Garden.

The Bible Garden

Despite appearances, I was not intruding on a counseling session. Out of sight behind the statues and hedges is a camera crew. Some of the school’s film students were shooting a movie.

One of the great events at St Johns is the blessing of the animals which is held every fall. We have seen everything from elephants to pythons, ferrets to gerbils, although dogs and cats rule. They don’t just talk the talk about animals though. There are a number of peacocks living on the grounds of the Cathedral. They scared Abigail no end when she was little.

I do still miss shooting the river everyday though.


1-4-12 It Is A Puzzlement

From The EPA:

“The second phase of the Hudson River dredging project began in spring 2011.  Dredging occurred between June 6 – November 8, 2011.  Approximately 363,000 cubic yards of PCB-contaminated sediment was removed from the river during this time.  Phase 2 dredging will resume in spring 2012.”

Morningside Heights

3 days of not shooting the river and I feel like I am trying to quit smoking. I am actually feeling a physical reaction to not going down to the river everyday.  I see it everyday from a distance but that just isn’t the same thing at all.  Not what I expected or predicted.

1-4-11 Verrazano Narrows Bridge as seen from The New York Waterways Ferry - Hoboken to The World Financial Center

12-12-11 “Holiday on the Hudson 2011”

Regular readers of The Quotidian Hudson know that my intent was to cover the entire river from mouth to source in 2011. I am not going to quite make it. I made it as far north as Hadley, NY, but didn’t get to Mount Marcy and Lake Tear in the Clouds. That is ok because it means the adventure will continue in 2012.

Regular readers also know that I live on the border of the Upper West Side and Morningside Heights and, despite frequent visits to Battery Park, The George Washington Bridge, The Little Red Lighthouse, Fort Tryon Park, Inwood Hill ParkYonkers and up river, that has been my “go to” location.  This mean that 60% or more of the time I go through “my” park, Riverside Park, to reach the Hudson.

Tonight, The Riverside Park Fund organized the 2nd Annual Tree Lighting at The West Harlem Piers Park, a frequent shooting location of mine. Carolers, Hot Cider, The Tree Lighting, and the mayor, were all part of the proceedings.

I started at the 102nd Street river entrance and walked up to Fairway.  I hope you enjoy the trip.

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