15-06-28 Red Molly (Muse)

Went to see Red Molly at the City Winery tonight in what seems to be their last NYC appearance until…? After a gazillion years of touring they are going on hiatus… sigh.

Weekly Photo Challenge is muse. These women (tri-staters, no less!) seem to have many or perhaps they are three of the 9?

My first go is at the challenge is here

RSJohnson_150628_9843 RSJohnson_150628_9851 RSJohnson_150628_9858 RSJohnson_150628_9868 RSJohnson_150628_9876 RSJohnson_150628_9878


15-06-27 Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

“The Muse visits during the process of creation, not before. Don’t wait for her. Start alone.”

Roger Ebert

Too many variants on a theme to even get started. Muse. A random chance selection (thank you John Cage).


Other muse views for youse. Including how to name a band!











Travel Theme: Curves (8-31-12 Pass # 2)

The day that Ailsa posted her travel theme of the week I actually went out to shoot those curves I could see.  The focus of this blog is The Hudson River and rivers do deal in curves in many ways. While I shot I remembered that I had seen some Curves just a few days before and so without even looking at these I went back to that day and used those images. I looked at these images today and found several I liked.

So here we go Curves Part 2:

The first image is on the walk down to the river…

The second is looking at the river through the tunnel under the Henry Hudson Highway:

The third image is the muse of this blog…