15-06-16 Maybe This Time


Several days ago, for no apparent reason, I put all the music from my iTunes account onto my phone and set it to shuffle all. At what was apparently a key moment in my day the song “Maybe This Time” from the movie version of Cabaret came on my phone. Not the Liza Minnelli version but the Kristen Chenoweth – Lea Michele version from Glee!?!?!!?
I didn’t know I owned any songs from Glee but that is okay because I am a big Chenoweth fan.

That set me off on a hunt for as many versions as I could find on YouTube. Minnelli, of course, Emma Stone, Michelle Williams, thousands of amateur nights and most heartbreaking, the extraordinary performance of Natasha Richardson from the 1998 Roundabout production.


Since that day (Saturday) I have been dreaming about Weimar Germany every night. I find it both bizarre and extraordinary.

I mean if you are talking Weimar you are looking at a quintessential good start hijacked and gone bad…very bad.


I don’t have an answer, not even sure I have a question but when I woke up this morning, (it) was on my mind.