2-15-13 Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

Who are they? No idea.

Why are they kissing? They just got married

Where is this? In the Gospel Tent at the New Orleans Jazz Festival 1995

Why did you shoot this picture at this angle?  I was at JazzFest


I’ve never done this but since I really liked what I submitted yesterday, I thought I would leave a link to it today.

Lord was she beautiful and could all of them act!


Check out this link for more viewpoints on a kiss.


10-24-12 Flashback!

“Before I realized, I was hypnotized
Flashback to the past”

Robbie Robertson

Having started the reorganization of photographs work, I am coming across lots of stuff that I used to love. Some I still do, even though in some cases I couldn’t tell you why.

That is not true with this picture.  I took it at The New Orleans Jazz Festival in 1991. It had rained hard and the field was extremely muddy. I saw these two dancing and was taken by their focus on the music but even more by the intensity of their focus on each other.

Strangely enough, about 8 years later a true friend of ours, who had been at Jazz Fest with us that year and knew this picture well, moved downtown. The woman in the picture lived in her new building and they have become very good friends.

On October 24th, 1996, Andy Pettitte outdueled John Smoltz as the Yankees won 1-0 and took a 3 game to 2 lead in The World Series. The next day something even more momentous occurred.