2-5-12 No Drama Sunday #2

I had to go down to Big Buy in mid afternoon. Needed a new external hard drive for storage purposes…honestly, photography takes up a lot of space in tech world.  It is very close to Lincoln Center so I thought I would do a walk by.  All the matinees had started so the plaza was pretty quiet.

After getting home we watched the Commercial Bowl (K made some excellent nachos and Wings). To sum the televiewing up

Miranda Lambert’s microphone…not a good idea.

Kelly Clarkson played it safe and delivered a very good but not soaring or dangerous national anthem (woman does know how to work TV)

Madonna’s badly lip synched and barely dancing show was bordering on embarrassing.  I don’t know how much worse things might have been if Cee Lo had not rescued the last 90 seconds.

Best commercial by far: Chrysler/ Clint Eastwood – a great follow-up to last year’s Eminem commercial.

2nd Best – The Audi vampires.

Way too many worsts but two were head and shoulders below the rest.

1: The cat killing Doritos dog with the fat human who will sell his soul for a 59 cent bag of Doritos and

2: the Go Daddy commercial where two women pimp out a third.

As for the game…I know that the NFL has decided that it is no longer a team game and that it is really the QB and 21 over developed backup singers but still, in a game that ended 21-17, how the hell was a QB most valuable player? Michael Boley and Chase Blackburn would both have been much more deserving of the MVP.

2-5-11 Battery Park