10-27-14 Outside -Inside

October 27, 2011 was a grey and rainy day…

RSJohnson_Hudson_ 111027


But you might not have realized that if you were at Photo Plus Expo at the Javits Center and visited the Nikon booth

RSJohnson_Hudson_ 111027-28


11-3-13 Travel Theme Delicate (Techno Frustrato edition)

In all honesty this has been a god awful weekend with technical issues. This Is not supposed to be today’s post but c’est la vie.

When Ailsa laid out delicate as her Travel Theme of the week, I had two ways to go. I had been in Fort Lee Historic Park as I related here and decided to go with some foliage shots. I did think about going in a different direction.  Actually, this is where the tech issues started this weekend. I met a nice  Japanese woman who was taking pictures of her two young children and asked me if I would take a picture of her with the kids. Naturally I did. We talked a bit and joked through our language barrier about the fact I shoot with a good Japanese camera (Nikon) and she shoots with a Canon (given to her by her father-in-law who is a TV bigwig and knows the head of Canon Japan.) I asked her if I could take a few shots of the kids and she said yes. I then had her type her email on my phone so i could send them to her. Sadly, while her English was much better than my Japanese she must have missed or added something because I can’t find her!

I think these children (and her expression in one shot) express the true meaning of delicate.  If anyone happens to recognize her – hey it is the Internet, stranger things have happened – have her get in touch with me. I do know that the daughter’s name starts with ‘Momo” which Noritsu (sp?) told me means “little peach” in Japanese.

Momo and family-2

Momo and family

Momo and family-3

And a few other views of Delicate can be found here.








2012-2013 New Year

The last picture I shot in 2012 was with my iPhone at Roy and Anne’s apartment.

Demon Dog

Demon Dog

The dog is Leo (since he is a Mexican dog it is pronounced Lay-o). The legs are Roy.

The first picture I shot in 2013 was with my Nikon in Riverside Park with the river in the distance.

Christmas - Done

Christmas – Done

10-26-12 PhotoPlus Expo

Before the storm smashed into the Tri-state I had a chance to attend PhotoPlus Expo at the Javits Center. I had a lovely long post or two planned but don’t have the desire to write them anymore. However, one of the fun things about the show is that many of the major vendors stock their booths with models (at a Trade Show? Who ever heard of such a thing!)

Here are a few of the highlights.

At the Nikon Area…

Can’t remember who brought us this lovely lady…

These two were brought to us by…

And I can’t remember who brought us “The Sons Of Anarchy” station…

5-7-12 Four Views (Geek Time)

Maurice Sendak – RIP

The Wild Things have moved on.  He will be missed.


I went to a seminar at B&H yesterday and the subject of the histogram came up (warned you).  The histogram (explanatory link to the Nikon School) is that graph that shows you where the brightness levels in your picture are from darkest to lightest. A theory is that you want most of the graph to be in the middle three sections. Too far to the right and you are overexposed. Too far to the left, under exposed.

Here are three versions of the same shot – each has a “good” histogram. I have moved one setting in Lightroom in the second two pictures.

Image as I first worked it…

Image with a change in White Balance (Used Auto Function in Lightroom)

Original with contrast moved to -50 (lowest level)

and just for fun B/W (“good” histogram)

Which do you like best?


RiverKeeper Newsletter

Your right to know Sewage levels in the river.

10-27-11 It’s Playtime

To the river via the Javits Center

With luck this will be the last bellybutton post for a bit.

I have been feeling a bit unsettled over the past few weeks and have been not enjoying much of anything. Even the blog has been a chore. But there is something to be said for committing to something.  When I started this I committed to: Visit the Hudson everyday, if possible – out of town trips, illness, and family crisis excepted; Shoot the Hudson everyday, even if from a distance through the trees or buildings and realize that not everyday would produce good pictures but not to worry about that; produce a blog post everyday, as long as I had internet access.

The real commitment was to producing the blog post. A daily discipline…

I have been stressing way to much about the quality of the images recently.  The fact is no one, from the “great masters”  on down, gets great shots everyday.  Yesterday, I reminded myself that this blog is on the fun side of life’s ledger. It isn’t work for others, it is work for me.

And then I went to the “PDN PhotoPlus INT’L Conference & Expo” at the Javits Center.  Nikon was good enough to start me laughing as soon as I walked in…

Nikon's Tribute to Mad Men

Abigail and I both agree that having the model’s dresses be the same color as the camera “buries the lead” as it were.  Yes, a lot of people stopped and stared, shot many pictures, but very few seemed to even notice the cameras, especially since, most of the time they blended with the dress.  Maybe I am wrong. Maybe Nikon’s goal is to have the camera just be another accessory for a woman’s fashionable night on the town…