12-13-16 Patterns

From the moment of my birth
To the instant of my death,
There are patterns I must follow
Just as I must breathe each breath.
Like a rat in a maze
The path before me lies,
And the pattern never alters
Until the rat dies.

Paul Simon

“If your friend says of some picture, “Yes, but what does it mean?” ask him, what his carpet means or the circular patterns on his shoes”

Stephen Potter



4-16-13 Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

They give us those nice bright colors
They give us the greens of summers
Makes you think all the world’s
a sunny day
I got a Nikon camera
I love to take a photograph
So mama don’t take my Kodachrome away

Paul Simon

This photo challenge – Change – may get several entries. Today however I choose to go with a very basic and easy Digital photographic change of state.

I am sure that some of you have seen both of these before.  (My apologies to you).

This shot is from the St. Vincent/David Bryne concert we went to last fall.


40 or so minutes in LightRoom


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2-13-13 Patterns


The night sets softly
With the hush of falling leaves,
Casting shivering shadows
On the houses through the trees,
And the light from a street lamp
Paints a pattern on my wall,
Like the pieces of a puzzle
Or a child’s uneven scrawl.

Up a narrow flight of stairs
In a narrow little room,
As I lie upon my bed
In the early evening gloom.
Impaled on my wall
My eyes can dimly see
The pattern of my life
And the puzzle that is me.


From the moment of my birth
To the instant of my death,
There are patterns I must follow
Just as I must breathe each breath.
Like a rat in a maze
The path before me lies,
And the pattern never alters
Until the rat dies.

And the pattern still remains
On the wall where darkness fell,
And it’s fitting that it should,
For in darkness I must dwell.
Like the color of my skin,
Or the day that I grow old,
My life is made of patterns
That can scarcely be controlled.


Words by Paul Simon

1-23-12 Gee, But Its Great To Be Back Home

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.  ~Buddha

Today was fun. I needed to go downtown so I took the river walk. I hadn’t been all the way down to the water for almost 5 days and it felt wonderful. Settles me right down. 

The only downside?  I have been averaging 15-20 shots a day. Today I took 111. It is extremely difficult to choose the contenders for the blog and then “work” them and then select just one picture in under a day (at least it is if you have any life at all and are not getting paid to do it!)…

So I didn’t…Choose that is…

“Time, time, time, see what’s become of me
While I looked around
For my possibilities
I was so hard to please
But look around, leaves are brown
And the sky is a hazy shade of winter” – Paul Simon

Of course to get to the river I first have to go through Riverside Park…

Lots of animals by the river today…I am sure there would have been more except for this one.

Clay Court Cat

Lots of beasts on and above the river too…

“Hang on to your hopes, my friend
That’s an easy thing to say, but if your hope should pass away
It’s simply pretend
That you can build them again”

12-7-11 Did Anyone Remember Pearl Harbor?

I’ll take your part
When darkness comes
And pain is all around
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down

Paul Simon

Living in New York, living in the USA, I frequently hear and read that 9/11/01 is a day that “We will never forget”. There was an earlier  day that “would live in infamy” that we would always remember…A few editorials, one or two friends posted something on FB, a few blogs but….

We humans are built to forget and live in a future looking place. It is one of the reasons I find the current political climate so depressing. The Democrats want to recreate FDR, the Republicans want to take us to the mid- 19th Century (except Ron Paul who wants to go much further back…), The Corporations, our real rulers, are looking back to feudal times…no one is looking forward. A very small but telling example is the collapse of our manned space program. We need the Russians and Chinese to take us into space?  What is that about?

All I hear from politicians is what we can’t do; how if we would just do as they say , not as they do, we would live on “that shining city on the hill”; how stupid, venal and greedy everyone is especially teachers and other public sector workers aka the people who educate our children, make the trains run on time and deliver the mail (just a thought..I don’t think the founders meant for the Post Office to MAKE money. I think they meant it to be a government service that would connect all of the citizens of the USA not just those who can afford Fedex, UPS and high speed internet.)

And finally, please write your congressman and senators and ask them to revoke the senate passage of the evisceration of the 4th and 6th Amendments. If you haven’t heard about this the Senate included, in their version of the Defense Authorization Act, a provision that would allow for American citizens, living in the US, to be held indefinitely without being charged with a crime, if they are suspected of being terrorists. As Rand Paul pointed out, if you are missing fingers the DOJ says you might be a terrorist…

Check out two clips from Jon Stewart, who is a lot better at this than I am… Daily Show Clip 1 Daily Show Clip 2

Sorry about the commercials in the links.

7-29-11 Still Life…

Through the corridors of sleep
Past the shadows dark and deep
My mind dances and leaps in confusion.
I don’t know what is real,
I can’t touch what I feel
And I hide behind the shield of my illusion.

So I’ll continue to continue to pretend
My life will never end,
And flowers never bend
With the rainfall.

Paul Simon

“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.” – Melville, Moby Dick


A big shout out to “The Accidental Cootchie Mama”. I hope you all have a grand time at Click the Cootchie Party 2.0

5-22-11 Was A Sunny Day

Was a sunny day
Not a cloud was in the sky
Not a negative word was heard
From the people passing by
’twas a sunny day
All the birdies in the trees
And the radio’s singing song
All the favorite melodies

Paul Simon

May 22nd. 52 degrees Fahrenheit; overcast.

I am taking a photography class at the  International Center of Photography and we were showing our work last week. A particular picture of mine came up, May 5 bright, sunny, endless sky, endless river, and the teacher remarked that this was very different from most of my other work which used a much darker palette.   He did clearly catch a truth and have a real insight about the work I have been making but I do feel that some of that has been pushed on me by the reality of the weather.