8-7-13 Maybe Tomorrow


I am not going to be able to follow through on a commitment I made to myself.  This does not make me happy.

I said yesterday that today  I would definitely write about the Two Row Wampum Renewal campaign in a thorough manner and show pictures of the 200 or so kayaks and canoes landing in Peekskill in the shadows of the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant. You will get a very few pictures tonight but unless you click the link above, no real explanation of the event the southern half of which started in Troy, NY on July 27th and will end at the UN on Saturday, August 10th. I hope to be able to do so tomorrow but only time will tell.

$0 year old - soon to be unlicensed - Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant

$0 year old – soon to be unlicensed – Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant

Chief Samuel George, Cayuga Nation with Children from The City of Peekskill  Youth Bureau

Chief Samuel George, Cayuga Nation with children from The City of Peekskill Youth Bureau

Here they come

Here they come

Closing In

Closing In

Hickory Edwards - Paddle Leader

Hickory Edwards – Paddle Leader

Two Rows Wampum Renewal Campaign


10-23-11 Peekskill/Cortland (Buchanan/Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant/Montrose Point State Forest/Verplank)

While Katherine went to Meeting, and Abigail wrote her first essay for Arabic 2 using the Arabic keyboard, (she types well in English but needs to learn this keyboard) I took a ride in the Graciemobile –

and headed up to Buchanan New York to see what could be seen of the ancient Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant.   For those of you who are curious, it is located 32 miles north of my apartment which is an hour drive with no traffic or a 3 hour drive with heavy traffic. Or impossible in the other direction in case of an emergency.  They are trying to renew the operating licenses even though the plants are at the end of the life span those who built it believed they could have.


It looks so clean. If only. A guard was very agitated at my taking pictures (although you can find thousands on the web) so despite being well within my rights as a citizen of the United States, land of liberty where the people are sovereign…I moved on

My first stop was the Charles Point Piers Park in Peekskill. – try saying that five times fast.

(as always click on the images for a full size view)

From there I headed off to the Village of Buchanan and the Tropiano Trail (to paraphrase Sam Gamgee – if that was a trail than two walls and no roof make a house).  The trail basically vanished after about 20 feet but as I was on a cove and following the shoreline I was in no danger of getting lost.

Then off to Verplanck and the historic Kings Ferry.  For most of the American Revolution this was the southernmost river crossing held by the Americans.

On my way back to the city I stopped at Montrose Point State Forest (a 51 acre preserve). While I was there I saw five deer, a variety of birds and several large rodents that resembled the first guy up above.

It is clear that the state is saving money on trail maintenance.

A tributary of the river