17-01-05 First Cold Night of 2017

Has put me in mind of warmer times…


Karaoke on Coney Island. She sang “You Don’t Own Me.” Every woman over 30 in the audience sang along.


The nuns weren’t actually singing in Brooklyn Bridge Park but who could resist?


15-03-27 Have A Great Week

The Quotidian Hudson is going on vacation.  Back on 4/6 – although who knows I may post between now and then. I leave you with some studio fun from this evening.

RSJohnson_150327_1688 RSJohnson_150327_1652 RSJohnson_150327_1638 RSJohnson_150327_1631 RSJohnson_150327_1622 RSJohnson_150327_1611

RSJohnson_150327_1751RSJohnson_150327_1812 RSJohnson_150327_1798

12-27-14 Triple Play

For no apparent reason on this warm March morning I decided to shoot some multiple exposures. I do this on the street fairly frequently but not often by the river. I’m not 100% certain about the experiment but I believe that this is my favorite.


8-26-13 Travel Theme: pLaY

Ailsa’s theme this week is play. So many ways to go with that theme. We just spent a week on Cape Cod. Lots of playing there. Sports, Halloween, Birthday’s, Christmas morning especially with small children, parties in your 20’s that never end. So many choices that I have brain lock.  Ah well, without further kvetching, here I go.

One moment please:

As a side note: welcome to my life in reverse:

Cape Cod Play:

Free floating leg-

Katherine _Kayak_Blackfish--3

2007 – Drag Bike Polo downtown

Play Drag Bike Polo

2004 Addams Family Birthday party

Addams Family Birthday party Play

2000 Summer

110th Street Play

1991 NOLA Jazz Fest

PLay NOLA Jazz

1980 The PLAY’s the thing. Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king.

Fanshen Play

1976 – Not taken by me but I directed the show and was in the play (and this shot)

The Plays The Thing

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4-17-13 Decisions

I have been working all week to finalize my submissions to The Fence At Photoville. The maximum amount of images in a series that you can submit is 6. They say you can have a series as small as two pictures but, in my mind, a series is a minimum of three images.

Anyway it is decision making time. I am down to 8-10 images per category and have to make the decisions tonight or at the latest tomorrow by noon so I can upload by the deadline.

Here are the shots I am choosing between for the theme of Play. I am certain of 4 and can’t decide whether to go with my gut and say: “ok, that’s all folks” or go with my other gut and slip in two more.

Play-1 Play-2 Play-3 Play-4 Hudson River Play-6 Hudson River Play-8