4-9-14 Wordless Wednesday




12-16-12 Travel Theme: Transportation

Ailsa’s theme this week is transportation.  Lots of ideas and possibilities there.

In the immortal words of Tracy Nelson: “take a train or a plane/ it’s all the same/ just get out of here/ take a bus if you must/ but make sure you just/ oh, get out of here…”


Tall Ships and police boats on the Hudson River, airplane above

or you can try it this way…


Rented vehicle in Akumal, Mexico

Not as fast but a lot of fun.

2-3-11 NY Waterway 39th Street to Liberty Park

The other morning Katherine said that my relationship to the weather has changed significantly in the last month and she is right. Living in the Northeast I have always checked the weather before heading out for the day but it is now the first thing I look at when I wake up – “look at” meaning turn on the computer and look at various forecasting sites – and the last thing I check before going to bed.  To a great extent what I read decides where on the river I will go, when I will go, what type of gear bag I carry, and definitely how I dress.

Speaking of which I need a good pair of gloves to shoot with. Anyone have any good suggestions? Have to be able to handle digital controls but keep the fingertips warm.

I really like this picture as it documents 4 types of working boats… The Ferry, The Police, The Tourist attraction and the Cargo Barge.