9-13-12 Guest Blog!

This is not an endorsement of this organization/group/person because I simply do not know enough about them. However, I love their bus so without further ado:

One Million Acts of Kindness.com




7-1-12 Lower East Side

July 1, the start of the 2nd half of the year…

and day 3 of the Long Birthday Weekend. We went down to the Lower East Side to check out some Chinese places that Katherine wanted to try.  Luckily the thermometers down there said it was only 105 so walking around on the streets with no shade was easy enough. Not too many people on the streets and those that were seemed to want to head inside…

But before eating we had to hit The Harry Zarin Company to get a chair reupholstering project going.

Then off we went…Sun Ming Jan is a Chinese meat curing establishment…

Sun Ming Jan, Inc

For Abigail

Always lots of history to see on the streets down here…


7/1/11 The First Walking Woman

I was never able to get her story and she stopped coming around about 3 weeks later.

6-30-12 …1 WTC

Hot night last night. After dinner in downtown we (Roy, Anne, Katherine and I) took a walk to the World Trade Center site. I didn’t have the camera but here is an iPhone pic.

and since one iPhone pictures deserves another. A view of the Hudson from April 16th

6-28-12 Theodore Roosevelt Park

Working at Margaret Mead Green

the Rose Center of the American Museum of Natural History in the background



Falun Gong

6-23-12 The Much More Complete Mermaid Day Parade (PG-13 parental guidance suggested)

Long Live the Queen

I always enjoyed the Coney Island Mermaid Parade but hadn’t been in several years. Since we were missing the Gay Pride Parade on Sunday to take Abigail to camp I figured I would go out to Coney on Saturday and check it out. It is much bigger and lots more spectators but still the same parade.

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6-22-12 Tripartite Day

Wanted to go to the opening of Photoville today before we went out with David and Jenna. Took the ferry from Pier 11 to Brooklyn Bridge Park and wandered about before heading to Photoville. It rained hard. The opening was basically postponed until Saturday. It looks like it will be interesting.

Started on the Manhattan side.

I love looking through other people’s lenses

Before the storm

Photoville. During the storm

After the storm (Escape From New York 3)

Atlantic Avenue

5-28-12 Finally – The Warmth!

I am going to be doing some time jumping over the next few days to “catch up” and show Wellfleet in all its glory but so it goes.

Today was hot, hazy, and humid! Yessssss!



A similar kind of day but not one of the first.