12-31-14 Turn Turn Turn

Two of my favorite pictures of the past year…

RSJohnson_Hudson_ 140419-61


Have a very Happy New Year!

12-16-14 Morgan O’kane

I had a few minutes to play (I hate killing time, rather have playtime) between appointments this morning so thought I would see what was up in Union Square, other than the “pop-up” Christmas market.

Heard some excellent banjo music coming from the north end of the square and headed that way. I found Morgan O’kane siting near the subway entrance playing.



I stood and listened for awhile and then did something I simply don’t do on the street. I bought one of his CDs. When I got home, I popped it into the CD player and have been listening to it, over real speakers for the past hour.

Check him out if you have the chance.

12-11-14 Throwback Thursday

This will only be the second (third?) time I have featured a picture I did not take but I’ve been cleaning file cabinets and this appeared.


Why the beard? It seemed a good idea at the time…

Tomorrow is the big day. I expect I will be posting pictures of the book signing…

Invite ICP EDU BOOK launch2

11-13-14 Should I Stay Or Should I Go

A few weeks ago I posted about the reasons why I didn’t have favorite pictures of the Hudson. The favorites come and go depending on the whims of the time and the tides.

This image is a perfect example. When I first showed it to my various critical circles it received a very positive response: I had really drawn out the meaning and focus of the image. That mirrored my own feelings but there was a significant minority that felt it was desperately overworked and crying for attention.

About a year later that view became mine.

Now…I’m torn. I think I will go back to the basic raw image and see what develops. In the meantime, any thoughts are welcome!

Hawk over Pollepel Island, Fishkill, NY