5-17-13 Spring Has Truly (Finally) Arrived

It was a busy day yesterday. Before Kathy’s birthday dinner, I took a long walk down the Hudson and before that? Put up the first food of the season. Ramps and Asparagus.



Something new for me…a re-post from last Columbus Day.

I had to add a new photo but basically I am just trying to follow the journey from there to here. Plus I really like this post from last year…and if you are not familiar with Mary Black do listen to the song.

Below you see the state of preserving so far. More to come…

Better keep your distance from this whale
Better keep your boat from going astray
Find yourself a partner and treat them well
Try to give them shelter night and day
‘Cause here in this blue light
Far away from the fireside
Things can get twisted and crazy and crowded
You can’t even feel right

So you dream of Columbus
Ever time the panic starts
You dream of Columbus
With your maps and your beautiful charts
You dream of Columbus
With an ache in your traveling heart

See how the cormorant swoops and dives
Must be some thrill to go that deep
Down to the basement of this life
Down to where the mermaid gently sleeps
Not like here in this blue light
Far away from the fireside
Where things can get twisted and haunted and crowded
You can’t even feel alright

So you dream of Columbus
Ever time the panic starts
You dream of Columbus
With your maps and your beautiful charts
You dream of Columbus
With an ache in your traveling heart

And as tide must ebb and flow
I am dragged down under
And I wait the livelong day
For an end to my hunger

So I dream of Columbus
Every time that the panic starts
I dream of Columbus
With my maps and my beautiful charts
I dream of Columbus
And there’s peace in a traveling heart
I dream of Columbus

Noel Brazil

So, like clockwork, 14 days and I find myself by this pier again.

Hollywood sequelitist I guess.

This time I shot the pilings from Pier 54. Down the road I think the city has big plans for Pier 54 but for now it just juts out into the river and is used as a dog walking, jogging area, as well as hosting occasional celebrations, the largest being a dance during Gay Pride week.

There are a lot of these old abandoned pilings/piers on the river but this has always been my favorite on the NYC side.  It has a spooky, historic, feel that many of the others do not and while it speaks of change and decay, it also speaks of permanence, at least long enough for a full human lifetime…

I hope you enjoy this brilliant performance by Mary Black of the words at the top of the post.

Mary Black – Columbus

9-8-12 Salsa!

Tornadoes hit Brooklyn and Queens yesterday…Toto, I really don’t believe we’re in Kansas anymore…so what’s a boy to do?  Stay inside and make some salsa! (Recipe adapted from Eugenia Bone and her totally wonderful book “WELL-PRESERVED“.

Start with high quality tomatillos from the Farmer’s Market (some are from Union Square and some from the Columbia market)…

A quick blanch, then, chop and into the pot…

Then check out the chile supply…we have a number of good-looking chiles from the market…

The question, of course, is which ones to use today.

This looks like a goodly group…

While briefly roasting, chop up your onions and some garlic cloves…

into the pot with them…de-skin the chiles, – depending on your point of view and desired heat, keep or remove the seeds, – chop and into the pot…add the lemon juice and salt (not shown) boil gently for 15-20 minutes and then into the water bath for 15 minutes of vigorous boiling followed by 5 minutes of cool down…and if all your jars seal properly…

Up onto the shelf…see you in a couple of months.

7-6-12 Canning And So Forth

The Greenmarket had a canning demonstration today. I spoke a bit with the young chef, Robin Puskas, leading the demo…

and later when i was home took a count. We have put up 5 pints of pickled Ramps (doesn’t include the two that did not seal properly that we were forced to eat already) , 13 Pints of pickled Asparagus (doesn’t include the one that didn’t seal and the two given away to Jenna and David, and Roy and Anne) 3 Pints and 20 half pints of sour cherries (great for Manhattans on cold winter nights and on ice cream and cakes),  a pint and a half of pickled green beans (FYI: we water bath can since we have a tiny kitchen) and 5 quarts of frozen strawberries.  We have also started our annual Rumtopf. Long way to go yet but a good beginning…



An offering to the gods?

4-25-12 Three Days

Abigail is going on a three day school kayak trip with 11 other kids in her grade tomorrow.  They kayak the Hudson and start out near Beacon.  It is part of their Experiential Education class. She claims to not be looking forward to it (which is probably true as the weather is supposed to be bleeh at best) but I suspect, in the end she will enjoy it.

However, that meant that the early morning, late afternoon and late night, were filled with, ” I need…” and “Where did we put…” and “I forgot…” so there was not a lot of time to get out and shoot.

I decide to try an interior still life that covered the last three days of kitchen fun…

Pickled ramps and sourdough. The ramps in red were blanched and preserved in red wine vinegar bath (red wine/sugar/water) with a garlic clove, red pepper flakes/sour salt added to the jar. The ramps in white were brined and preserved in a white wine vinegar bath (sugar/fennel seed/coriander seed/ dried red chiles/) with sour salt added to the jar.

Three evenings play.



One days work

8-9-11 “That Was Zen; This Is Tao”

Sorry, I had to do it, I just couldn’t help myself…

When I started this project I considered including a quote of the day. I quickly disabused myself of that idea…

However, I was re-reading an article in The Atlantic \”How To Land Your Kid In Therapy\” by Lori Gottlieb and this jumped out at me and demanded posting…

“Happiness as a goal is a recipe for disaster.”

That is something it seems we don’t teach much anymore.  As the founders/Jefferson put it, Happiness is not an unalienable right “the pursuit” is…

We had a very hard rain today and the river was extraordinarily high with a lot more flotsam and jetsam than normal…

In pursuit of happiness I have discovered that I love the pop a correctly preserved jar makes when it comes out of the water bath and seals…