6-5-12 Carroll Gardens, Gowanus and Prospect Park aka Venus? Nah, Brooklyn

Urban Utopias (a class for which I am the TA ) went to Brooklyn today. It was good shooting weather, partly to mostly overcast but not uniform, “not too hot and not too cold” said Goldilocks.

We started in Caroll Gardens at Eco Brooklyn which is an “innovative green building company” with a great roof garden and a lovely backyard.

Then we moved on to the Gowanus Canal which is on the EPA‘s Superfund National Priorities List. The sign in the first picture tells the story…

Then we took a 20 minute walk

to Grand Army Plaza and Prospect Park

My attempt at creating the “feel” of the Hudson River School without using Photoshop

Of course I had hoped to end this post with pictures of the Transit of Venus but, while the clouds broke long enough for me to see it through the nifty safety glasses the Columbia University Astronomy Department provided, I did not have the time to set up and get the shot…

However, I did see this little devil viewing the event

Now, if you blow up this next shot and run it through your super CSI computer equipped with all the latest computer enhancement devices, I can promise you with almost 100% certainty…you still won’t see Venus.

For a different (yet similar) view of the Transit of Venus check out Where’s my backpack?