17-01-19 The Faces Of Real Americans

Scenes from the rally in front of xxxxx International Hotel, 1 CPW, NYC.




An LBGTQ Dreamer











10-25-14 Pictures From A Random Mind



No matter your opinion on the issue, this has to be the smartest/cleverest slogan I have seen in a long time.


 The Equalites (the band my cousin Edward is in) played Bishop’s Lounge in Northampton last night. The photos are not good – simply not enough light – but  they deserve the mention. A good tight show.

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2-18-13 Ovation Demonstration

First we  will have a moment of quiet contemplation to allow our Downton Abbey friends time to recover.








There – now we can proceed.

On Valentine’s day when I went to shoot One Billion Rising in Columbus Circle I ran smack dab into a small protest/demonstration against TWC (Time Warner Cable) This is an easy company to protest against, believe me. The Time Warner Center takes up the entire western side of Columbus Circle and so Columbus Circle is a logical place to march around.

This particular group was protesting TWC’s decision to drop The Ovation Channel in favor of more sports programming. Ovation is/was the only station on TWC that devoted all of its original programming to the arts. I have no idea if they knew about One Billion Rising staging a flash mob at Columbus Circle but the Ovation protestors got out of the way during the rising and were media savvy enough to get the camera crews on site to shoot them and interview their leaders afterwards.




However, I have to say that my favorite people of this part of my day had nothing to do with either One Billion Rising or Ovation. They were just two folks looking for their lodging…


12-1-12 Fight Against The Spectra Pipeline

I went to a demonstration against fracking and specifically against the Spectra Pipeline today.  Check out the sane energy project website for details concerning the pipeline. Let me just say that it is supposed to run next to a playground, by the bike path, and under The High Line.

I would estimate about 300-350 people participated. I took over 400 hundred pictures. Here are just a few which I have barely worked.

12-1-12 Stop The Spectra Pipeline-1

12-1-12 Stop The Spectra Pipeline-4

12-1-12 Stop The Spectra Pipeline-5

12-1-12 Stop The Spectra Pipeline-3

Crossing The West Side Highway

Crossing The West Side Highway

12-1-12 Stop The Spectra Pipeline-7

12-1-12 Stop The Spectra Pipeline-9

12-1-12 Stop The Spectra Pipeline-11

12-1-12 Stop The Spectra Pipeline-8

12-1-12 Stop The Spectra Pipeline-2

For more pictures and news about the demonstration check out this post from ear to earth

4-6-12 River Friday

I received a very nice note from the young lady in the photograph of the anti-circumcision teach-in.  You can read it here.  I do love feedback.

I find that I am going to the river just about every Friday. It is a good way for me to end the week.  Will it keep up? Who knows but for now it really helps turn the drama of the week off and settle my mind. The walk through Riverside Park helps as well.

Can any of my horticulturally inclined readers identify this for me?

New River Art

This gentleman is responsible for some of the river art but his is usually found pieces not the constructed ones like the picture above.

4-4-12 Sometimes They Pick Themselves

I took a lot of very good photographs yesterday – he said immodestly.  This is not one of the best in formal terms but there are times that content trumps everything else.  Even without seeing the other pictures I took, I hope you agree that this one just cried out: “Pick Me, PICK ME!”

Now back on April 4, 2011 I was over on the Western Shore of the Hudson in Edgewater, New Jersey