7-2-13 Did I Mention How Happy People Were On Sunday?

Then the March kicked off. Our part of the March that is. I have no idea how many separate groups marched but it was a large number. They ranged from large financial organizations…to DOB (Dykes on Bikes – Trademarked) to FireFLAG/EMS (Active duty -Fire Department) to PFLAG and all sorts of clubs and organizations. Lets not forget the politicians, From Bloomberg and Coumo to Quinn and Weiner, they were all out in force. The Grand Marshals of the March included Edie Windsor (plaintiff in the DOMA case), Harry Belafonte, and Earl Fowlkes, head of the Center for Black Equity.

I discovered several interesting facts about the Quakers I did not know as we went by the reviewing stand. In 1969 the Stonewall Uprising occurred. According to the announcers on the stand, The Quakers were the ONLY religious organization in the area around Greenwich Village to leave their doors open and offer sanctuary in the Manhattan Meetinghouse to the protesters escaping police violence. Also, The Quakers have been in every Pride March since the first one in 1970

As I noted previously we finally started 2.5 hours after the march began. It was a very big march this year. I am on a brief break between birthday events so here come the pictures.

6-30-13 Pride March NYC

Really good day today. Today was The New York City Pride March. Because of the recent court decisions people were in a really good mood. Katherine volunteered our car to be the “float” for the Quakers contingent in the march. We arrived at the gathering site at 10;30 and finished the march at 5:30. While it sprinkled for a while the weather held and the crowd was great.I took about 500 pictures in the course of the day and am way too tired to download and work on them. Here are three pictures from my iPhone. I hope to have a full report tomorrow.

photo (7)

photo (6)

If I heard correctly- the cat's name is Nathaniel

If I heard correctly- the cat’s name is Nathaniel

7-31-11 No Drama Sunday #9

Katherine asked me to go to Morningside Meeting  with her today. It is held on the 12th Floor of Riverside Church. She never has asked before so I did. When we walked in we passed a Muslim Service occurring in one of the Inner Chapels and watched the choir lining up to head into the church for the 11am service.

If you have never been to an unprogrammed Quaker/ Society of Friends Meeting…it is a very different experience.  Katherine is not, at this time, a member of the Meeting but is on the Hospitality Committee and attends as often as she can.

The George Washington Bridge, The Hudson River, Grant’s Tomb, and a corner of Riverside Church from The Quaker Meeting Room on the 12th Floor of Riverside Church.

Taken with my iPhone